S/PDIF Audio Input on motherboard


Aug 25, 2013
Ill try to keep it short. Just got an Xbox one, and i have it plugged into my monitor, but I don't have audio. i was planning on using the S/PDIF connection and connect it to my computer to get audio through to the speakers; for those who don't know, the Xbox one only has HDMI and S/PDIF out.
With the Xbox 360 I just used the RCA cables and plugged into the audio input of my motherboard and it worked.

My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-Z87X-OC. It supports S/DPIF audio in, but there is no input jack. There is a 3pin S/PDIF input header on the motherboard itself, which requires a (according to the manual) "S/PDIF in cable (Part no. 12CR1-1SPDIN-1*R)", but I am unable to buy that part anywhere as it is discontinued/don't ship to me.

Is there any alternative to this part, or is there any alternative you suggest?

the more expensive option is just to get a soundcard which has spdif input. there was a soundblaster model which did this around $80

....it looks like you are doing your research on what would work and what doesnt. honestly i dont think i can really help you out more than you are helping yourself.