Sager NP6165, HP DV6t Quad, Lenovo Y580


Apr 20, 2012
Hello all,

I'm currently in the market for a new laptop, and I've narrowed it down to these three, the sager np6165, the HP DV6t quad, and the Lenovo Y580. The sager and the hp have almost identical specs- i7 3160QM, 650M 1gb, 7200RPM hdd, 1920x1080. The lenovo has the same i7, but a 660M 2gb gpu, a 5400RPM hdd and a 1366x768 display.

1) How much difference would the 5400RPM drive make vs the 7200RPM? Ive heard it can be quite a big change.

2) Is the 660M likely to last much longer (performance wise) than the 650M? Or, as software progresses, will they become outdated at the same time?

3) Which of these companies has the superior quality? Also, do any of these laptops have reputations for overheating? Ive been told that the previous generation of Lenovos overheated very easily.

4) On the HP, would the 2gb 650M be worth the extra $50?

5) On the sager, should I get the IC thermal compound? Ive seen that many people buy that option- will it make a big difference?

Sorry for the long post, and thanks for your time.

Lenovo :




Sep 13, 2012
Just received a Sager NP6165 from Xotic PC. Unfortunately I am extremely unhappy with both the service and the product that I received from XoticPC.
The keyboard has a cheap feel to it, the battery life is almost non-existent (the battery lasts, on average, 1 hour and 45 minutes) and the cooling system is inefficient. I have had multiple crashes of the OS. This just should not happen. And most importantly, the CD drive came broken. It does not latch well and springs open periodically. This has already wasted both time and money by causing me to have to re-burn DVDs when they don't write the first time. The most frustrating problem of all is that the built in mouse is hyper sensitive and built in a way that creates problems when typing. Every couple of key strokes the cursor moves to somewhere that I am not typing causing me to have to go back and re-edit when I finally notice. This poor design is frustrating.