Samsung 840 EVO SSD installing (either fresh or cloning) in HP Laptop that has 4 partitions on C drive


Mar 3, 2014
Hi HP experts,

I am writing to tell you my bad case with Samsung 840 EVO 500 GB SSD installation problem.
I have purchased SSD from ebay and was looking forward to install it in no time in my HP EliteBook by using usb-to-sata cable and a Samsung Data Migration Software that it came with.
I carefully read the manual for the Data Migration Software which says the following:

5. On systems with two (2) drives or more (e.g. “C:”, “D:”, and “E:” drives) with the operating system installed on the “C:” drive, only the first two drives will be cloned. The “System” partition that is created during Windows installation is automatically replicated.
6. OEM recovery partitions, generated at the factory by computer manufacturers, cannot be replicated. However, if the PC is manufactured by Samsung and SRS (Samsung Recovery Solution) 5 or 6 is installed, the recovery partition is cloned automatically. (Not supported in versions prior to SRS 5)

The most worrying thing I am concerned about is that HP laptop that I have for Samsung installation is coming with 4 partitions to which are 1-SYSTEM, 2- C: 3 - H: HP_RECOVERY, 4 - F: HP_TOOLS.

My question is does any one have a successful experience in install this bloody Samsung SSD on HP laptops that are coming with factory-set partitions?

Any ideas will be much appreciated.

Kind regards,


Jun 16, 2012
To get the best performance from an SSD you should do a clean install using AHCI. Copy important data (not programs) only to an external drive and copy it back when you have done the clean install.


Jan 3, 2012
What i did with my HP laptop was, as bluehowell said, is copied all my important data to a usb drive.
Then grabbed a an oem windows 7 iso from the net (can't remember where i got it from, microsoft site maybe?) and used that instead of trying to clone over the partitions on the HD, that way you get a bloat free windows install.
You can then just store the HD away as a backup if the SSD ever fails


May 1, 2009
I bought my Acer AS 8950G with a 750 GB HD. I purchased a Kingston 120 GB SSD with a kit at the same time. I did have to search for a special cable to move the 750 GB hd to the second bay but i found one in Canada. The kit was made up of a USB drive enclosure and Acronis True Image cloning software. I had installed some apps and I cloned the 750 GB that had around 80 GB after all the installs. After the cloning I conected the SSD in the first bay and the HD in the second bay and rebooted. My system booted up with C: the boot drive on the SSD and D: the restore partitian and the HD was given the drive letter E:.

Later I saw a deal on a OCZ 240gb SSD and I cloned the Kingston SSD to it and it botted with everything the same but i had more space. Then I actually cloned the 750 HD to 1 1 TB HD. Acronis cloned the system restore partitian perfectly.

I actually had an issue with an inverter cable while it was under warranty. So I wanted it as close to the factory condition so I removed the SSD and moved the HD into the 1st bay and it booted. The one issue I had is I couldn't get on the internet because I had also switched out the wireless card for an Intel so I just downloaded the intel drivers to a flash drive and installed them and I had internet.

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