Review Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro review: Better ANC than AirPods Pro


Oct 23, 2021
I would MUCH prefer a headphone jack on my new Samsung phone as I own numerous high-quality headphones I could use. I got a pair of these new buds on promo when I bought my S21, so I've tried them out. They're fine for use around the house when you're less likely to lose one when it (inevitably) falls out of your ear, but for use on public transportation (where ANC would be nice), you won't have them for long unless you use some duct tape to keep them in your ears.
Then you've got to carry the case and your charger to work with you so you can use them on the commute home. I've stopped using them on the train after nearly losing one as I got up to disembark. I'd forgotten my duct tape that day. ;-)

The sound isn't bad for a bluetooth connection. Pairing them with my laptop was a chore. Basically have to reset the buds to default configuration, and then re-set them up once I pair with my S21 and want to turn on features like equalization profiles.

It's a lot of expense and fussing for very little (if any) added value over wired headphones. Not unique to these Samsung buds, but a characteristic of all wireless ear buds that don't have a tether of some kind. Headphone jacks work much better for most situations.