Samsung NP300e5x boots only if left unplugged and untouched for hours.


Jul 14, 2017
Hi, I am currently experiencing a weird issue with my laptop. Samsung NP300e5x.

It was working just fine till 4 days back. The battery wasn't giving any backup, but it has been like that for nearly a year. Rest was all fine.

Earlier this week, the laptop went into sleep mode and then refused to work altogether an hour later.

The fan still works, and the light with the Power button is on. But the HDD indicator doesn't blink and the display is off.

I removed the battery, unplugged the power cord and press-hold the Power button for minutes. Sometimes it works, the HDD indicator blinks, the display appears (up till the OS menu) but seconds later it flickers to oblivion.

Now the weird part: If I leave the laptop unplugged and untouched for a few hours, it boots normally and works as if nothing ever happened. It runs uninterrupted for at least 12 hours that's the longest I have used it after the problem started).

But once switched off, it then refuses to boot unless I wait it out again for a few hours.

I also suspect that the display connection could be lose. Cause on both occasions when the aforementioned technique worked, I opened the lid rather slowly and carefully. However, when I tried booting up today after 4 hours of unplugging, I opened the lid casually. This time the boot was unsuccessful. The HDD indicator was on, the display is on, but the flickering screen ruined it.

Does this sound like a motherboard issue? Could the PSU be at fault? Please help.