Samsung Series 7 Chronos Power Problem


Sep 7, 2012
I have a very weird problem with my laptop. Very often (2 or 3 times day) it seems like the PSU goes nuts. What happens is next: charger is plugged into the power source and into my laptop with everything working fine. Suddenly, for some reason, the charging light on the laptop starts blinking and my OS starts saying that charger is unplugged, then plugged back in, then unplugged and it goes on and on like this and the charger connector to the laptop starts being extremely warm and heats even more and the fans start working harder (seems like CPU usage goes up for some reason). Then I can't do much, except maybe restart the laptop hoping it would go away (sometimes it does not). I am using Linux Mint Mate 13, but the same thing happened with my old Ubuntu installation and also with Win 7 I have installed alongside. I am not sure if my question is in the right place and I am also not sure how to even Google this problem. Is it motherboard or something else? One characteristic of this laptop is that the battery cant be removed without completely disassembling the laptop. Is the problem in the battery? This has been happening a lot and now it is really getting on my nerves.


Sep 18, 2013
You should try to remove your battery completely and just leave the power plugged in and test for any erroneous behavior. These days the battery pack is placed in a way where it can be easily removed with a latch or a hidden switch. If you cannot remove the pack then run the Laptop without the power adapter until the batteries are depleted. Check for any unusual signs before it shutting down too.

Then, plug in the power adapter and monitor the laptop every 30 minutes or so. I have a feeling that your laptop goes nuts when you are running multiple programs, (multi-tasking) etc which causes your CPU temp to go up. Lastly, check your vent fans. Most laptop users have that caked up with dust which can also cause uneven spikes in overall temperature. Good luck!
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