Question Samsung smart tv

Jul 3, 2019
Recently purchased Samsung UN58RU7100F tv connected to cable and trying to connect an old Bose Cinemate home theater. The Bose only has AV connectors. I bought a HDMI to HDMI plus audio converter box. My problem is I am not getting any sound. I have tried different HDMI ports on the tv. Tv is set to HDMI. There is an HDMI arc Port. HDMI going to tv and another to cable box. The Bose remote is not muted. Not sure what else to do, Bose has been little help.
Thanks in advance
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To get the sound to the home theater you need to use an output on the TV or from the cable box. The TV should have an optical out, use the optical out from the TV and use a converter for that to the Bose system input.
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