Question Samsung Tablet A - Storage Full - read full issue

Jul 24, 2019
Last night I went on my Samsung Tablet A to view some file I had on my Microsoft OneDrive.
My Tablet has a 16BG Internal + a 64GB SD Card.
Viewing each file was tedious since when you click on the file a downloading process begins.
The I saw an option on the folder I wanted to use which said "View Offline"
The folder I wanted to View Offline has 15GB of storage on it. So I thought by clicking "view offline"
it would somehow take up space on my tablet. I was ok with that because my SD card is basically empty, so no storage issue there.
So I hit View Offline and a slow downloading process started - so I went to bed.
Well, I woke up this morning and now my internal storage is FULL. Not only that I cannot even figure out how to delete the files it downloaded.
The internal storage had about 7 or 8 GB free last night I cant remember for sure.

Has anyone had this problem? I have attached a screenshot of my tablet storage settings in hopes that itll help.
Anything you downloaded would be downloaded to the folder on the phone you set up for downloading. So you need to go back into the application you did the download through and see where it is set to send files. Once located, you can then delete the file.

You can also try connecting the tablet to a computer and search the tablet for the most recently installed files.

I saw you said you set up downloads to go to your SD card, however that doesn't mean all apps will download things to the card. Many of them have either preset download locations within the app or they need to be set up to download where you want.
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