Solved! Samsung TV, no audio optical output, no sound to wireless headphone.

Oct 13, 2019
I have a Samsung Smart TV(UN50MU6070F) I am trying to listen to the sound with wireless headphone, model Zanchie purchased at Amazon, see link:

TV has an digital audio out (optical) output and headset docking station has an digital audio in (optical) connection, this connects each, the TV and headphone with the supplied optical cable, but no sound at headset.

At the TV I selected "settings, sound, sound output, Audio Out/Optical, then "settings, then for Expert settings, I selected "Digital Output Audio Format, I selected "PCM". I do not have any sound. When I press the TV remote volume up the TV displays an Icon and the words Audio Out/Optical. Still no sound. The headset has a volume control and I change the setting but still no sound. I am stumped.

The headset comes with instructions to connect 3.5mm cable to Iphone and docking station then play music which I did and the headsets have fantastic sound. This proves the docking station transmitter is working. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Erlin5, 10/14/19