News Samsung TV sales reportedly slowing as these two brands surge

May 18, 2023
Well no surprises here. My own buying experience tells me not to go for that big brands anymore.
Back when 3D smart TV's were unique I spend big to ensure future proofing. Brought a 4k Samsung 3D tv. Within two years google stopped support of YouTube app and Samsung just said sorry can't do anything. No new apps in the ecosystem. Then I brought the awesome LG smart passive 4k 3D tv with magic remote. Awesome experience until the YouTube app started playing up. It still does ok but then I got smart instead of the tv and brought firestick. So what's the point of buying a Samsung or LG tv if there is no support and they forget about their customers. Guess what. The customer does not forget

Also in the day and age of awesome picture quality as a base standard customers are now more savvy. They dont fall for crap like quantum dot blah blah, marketing bull and think I need to buy X size with X refresh which is decent enough. Then pair it with chrome cast or firestick. These sticks are easy to replace as opposed to the entire tv which can cost dearly