Satellite S55-C Won't Boot - Power Button and Keyboard light up, but neither display nor fans turn on


Dec 15, 2013
Hi! I've been having some trouble with my Satellite as it approaches the 2-year mark.

A couple of days ago, I turned it on and, while the fans did spin, the display wouldn't come on. After some basic googling, I reseated the RAM and all was well. Later that night, after I closed it to put it to sleep, I heard the fans power off abruptly. I opened the lid and found that the laptop had shut off, and thought nothing of it.

The day after, though, the laptop refused to turn on once more, and the fans wouldn't even come on this time. I'll hit the power button, the button and keyboard will light up, and I'll hear a faint whirr/click, that I imagine is either the cd tray or the hard drive trying to activate (not sure on this one though.) The screen stays black and the fan doesn't spin.

I've tried a couple of things - I removed and reseated the RAM, reseated the fan, and attempted a hard reboot. All of them had the same results as above.

I'm not sure exactly what the problem is, so if you guys could lend a hand with diagnosing and fixing the problem I'd be very appreciative. Thanks!
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