Schedule for deadbolt codes to be active only at certain times


Sep 19, 2017
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I purchased some Kwikset 914 deadbolts. I bought these Z Wave models because in my research I read that it is possible to control them from a Z wave hub, including most importantly, the ability to set a schedule, so that a certain code works only at a certain time of day (like only Tuesdays from 2 to 6 for the maids).

I have bought a Samsung Smartthings hub and there appears to be no such capability; all you can do is lock or unlock them -- utterly worthless with deadbolts that automatically lock themselves anyway (another reason for my purchase). Did I buy the wrong locks? The wrong smart hub?

If they don’t have this capability then I feel like a fool for paying $180 each for locks that are for me functionally no different from a $59 keyless deadbolt.

I just received a message from Smartthings, that indeed, their unit does not do this, so anyone know of a Z Wave hub that can schedule lock codes to be active only at certain times?