Screen not working after format?


May 29, 2016
Not entirely sure where I should post this.... Anyways...

I have a brand new msi laptop and while adding the programs I had on my old one I got an annoying piece of malware that I couldn't get rid of so I opted to do a format and abandon said program. Well, the format was going fine and I left it to run while I went to sleep. My girlfriend later closed the laptop in the middle of the night(she claims it was done and showing a blue welcome screen). But now I powered it up and am getting just a black powerless screen. The fans are running, keyboard is lit and all other lights function. Mouse shows it's connected as well. Aside from that, nothing. There is no mouse cursor on the black screen which doesn't even appear to be powering up. Anyone have any ideas?
I think she is lying or you mis-spoke. A format would erase the drive leaving you with no OS - not a Welcome screen.
Did you mean to say you did a factory restore instead?