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    Solved! New SSD is seen in Device Manager, but not as unallocated space and can't use or format

    I just bought a SK hynix P31 SSD MCIe NVMe M.2 1TB drive and want to replace my current startup 250 GB SSD (Samsung). I got an external enclosure as well, both to clone the existing boot drive first to the new bigger SSD and then to house the old SSD. Device Manager sees it, but only as present...
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    Solved! My sd card is protected by nokia 3 and I need to recover data on PC

    My sd card is protected by Nokia 3 when I plug to PC says that I need to format. The data is there but I don't know hot to reach there.
  3. J

    Solved! how to format hard drive with windows 10 in command prompt, i am experiency cyclic redundancy check during creating partion

    what is cyclic redundancy check, i experience it during creating partition primary at command prompt.
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    How to format a new blank hard drive without a disk.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop that had a hard drive failure. I purchased a replacement that is blank. It has no operating system and has not been pre formatted. This PC did not come with a installation disc. I don't have a recovery drive for it either. I have the Windows Media Creation Tool...
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    Hp mini 311 cant format

    hello everyone i need help,my cousin have a hp mini 311 laptop i just upgrade his hard disk as the other one has crashed when i'm installing a new windows on the hard disk it says that : "Windows cannot be installed to this hard disk space. The computer's hardware may not support booting...
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    Solved! Telefunken Model: TLCD-32HD

    Hi All, What file format does a Telefunken Model TLCD-32HD TV play? Will it play mp4 format from a memory stick? I try playing mkv file format on the tv and the tv says there is nothing on the memory stick when there is? Is there a free file converter that can convert a lot of mkv files to...
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    How to Set the Time Zone of your Roku Device

    Roku Digital player has a set of very intuitive features with the easy navigation system. It enables users to watch internet streamed videos on the Roku TV. You can also enable captioning, perform screen mirroring and other functionalities. Roku also allows you to set the timezone and set the...
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    Solved! what format to use with usb on jvc tv

    how do I get films to play on my JVC tv via a usb stick
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    Solved! Samsung t280 can't format sd as internal

    I have a 7" Samsung tablet t280. It doesn't give me the option to format the SD card as internal. I am using a 64gb SD card but it is hardly touching the SD storage. The tablet is running out of space. Is there much point using a 64gb SD card if it won't let me move apps over onto the SD card. I...
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    Solved! What if I have already formatted and Erased the card, as well as rebooted it and it still does not work?

    I have formatted and Erased the card once, my tablet did accept it, then I rebooted it but my tablet says my card isn't formatted an it won't earse or format it anymore.
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    can i format windows 7 ultimate and install new windows 7 ultimate without cd

    i have windows 7 ultimate and i want to format it and enter new windows 7 without any cd. is there any way to install new windows 7 . my pc has 2gb ram and 250 gb hd
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    Solved! I can't format SD card as internal storage

    I have infinix x559c hot 5 pro Nougat but this set is not showing format as internal storage I cant find At the bottom of the list you should see the SD card's details, including the option to format it and make it "Internal" storage. i find format only please help my.
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    Solved! Windows 8.1 Factory Reset taking too long!

    My HP laptop was having a sudden sluggish behavior this past few days though my HDD is not yet full or some sort. I just noticed a beeping sound coming from the HDD. I decided to back up my files and opted for a factory reset (provided by Windows). I chose to fully clean everything, including my...
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    Solved! Is it possible that my ssd is about to die, or virus?

    Hey, recently my PC started acting really weird. So i decided to investigate this and scan my PC. I started getting blue screenvof death with error code memory_management. Later i noticed that i cant open/run any antivirus programs, they started crashing instantly. So i decided to format my...
  15. O

    My phone is Huawei Y5 lite and my SD card has no settings.. help

    It has only 2 options "format" and "eject" But i can't click on them.
  16. J

    Format option not showing up in Windows XP drive partition

    I have a friend who is trying to wipe his Windows XP laptop, but needs to format his hard drive, and his partitions don't have the format option when he right clicks.
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    Solved! How do you format SD card if it does not show up under storage?

    I added my 64GB SD card to my On5 Android 6.0.1 phone. My phone does not show SD card under Storage. How am I supposed to format the SD card????
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    Solved! Samsung Galaxy 10 tablet won't format SD card

    Sometimes it won't recognize card at all other times it said it needs to be reformatted but when I choose format it starts off at 20 % and never goes any further
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    Solved! TV Sound format support

    Hello all, My TV specs says that it supports : Dolby™ Digital, Dolby™ Digital Plus, Dolby™ Pulse . So my question is, if I buy a sound system (5.1 or soundbar with subwoofer) that supports Dolby Atmos (as an example), is there a way to watch movies that support this sound technology, using my...
  20. C

    Solved! Can I increase internal storage

    My sd card has been formatted as internal storage, can I get a bigger sd card and format it to be my new internal storage on Samsung J7
  21. A

    Solved! I formatted local disk c while updating windows 10 what should I do next

    I downloaded windows 10 iso and burned it into a usb , while the system finished updating it shows a message to choose in which disk you want to install it,i don't know what to do so I checked youtube and exactly did that steps he says to format local...
  22. P

    Solved! What file format is used.

    Hi, Which file recording format does a Toshiba 43u6763db to record files ? When I record something, what file extension will I find on my drive ? Poppa Mintin
  23. J

    Solved! Music Files Corrupted?

    My Windows 7 has changed the format somehow of ALL my music and I don’t know how to get them corrected . Nothing works and they say not readable . THOUSANDS of albums and literally my life of loving great music . Help! I’ve roll back to different dates - this ain’t helping - thanks !
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    Solved! After format does not opened

    After format of samsung j1 does not. Open
  25. R

    i want to put date format in auto ID

    i want to create an auto ID in my database using date format e.g 20181009-00001 20181009-00002 20181010-00003 20181011-00004
  26. noor1000

    is my hard HARD DISK is dying ?

    hi i buy from ebay 3.5-inch 2TB HGST HARD DISK now I start hearing sound from my hdd after i format it and resize partition like this sound in 0:14 from this video but i tested hdd its give me 100% health and no bad sectors should i bay new one...
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    How do i format my sd card to my internal storage on my ZTE Z917VL

    I am 14 years old and agree to to abide by the site's rules
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    problem in samsung tab 2 p3110 stuck on logo screen after resets!!

    hi my tablet is samsung tab 2 7.0 p3110 and after i'm install the marshimillo crdroid 6.0.1 update and is working fine but today i enter the cwm recovery and i press the "mounts and storage" button and then i press format/system and format/data and format/cache and format/boot then wipe...
  29. A

    PIXI4 extended RAM

    Hi, here is the question: When you format SD to internal storage, does it means what it also will be used to extended RAM? If not, is there other way to extended RAM? For example format part of SD to specific partition so that software would understand it as extra RAM?
  30. N

    how to format unsupported sd card of A5 2016 at 20% format it stop

    after changing my samsung Galaxy A5 2016 bettery sd card not working with a msg unsupported SD card when i try to format sd card it stopped at 20%
  31. R

    i am rety to format acer aspire es1-331 but when i install it therer were error says " a Required CD/DVD drive device driver i

    i am rety to format acer aspire es1-331 but when i install it therer were error says " a Required CD/DVD drive device driver i
  32. A

    Simple Scan software that can scan to folder.

    Hi, I need to find a really simple-to-use piece of software that will allow my colleague to scan documents in PDF format to a pre-defined folder. She uses a Brother MFC-9140 to scan. She often has to scan multi-page documents, many times per day, but is not hugely tech-literate, so the ideal...
  33. T

    Format a sim card from host device.

    Is it possible to erase siim card from the host device. If so can host device reuse the sim without administrative help and be able to use it as a new SIM card?
  34. K

    Set SD card as default for downloads

    I recently purchased a Galaxy Tab A. I followed the March 18th 2017 instructions to set the SD card as the default download. when I select format, the only option I have is "format as portable storage". There is no way that I see to set as internal. Is there a step I'm missing, or another way...
  35. D

    How do I format a New SD.Card in my phone?

    Help....How do I format my New SD Card, not my sim card?
  36. B

    Solved! If i format the PC what happen to emails of the Outlook 2016?

    If i format the PC what happen to emails of the Outlook 2016? I know i could save the folder where the emails are but if i dont save and install a fresh outlook on other computer and sign in the emails dont appear? I get a outlook empty? Thanks
  37. K

    Solved! Asus laptop won't format partition

    I have been having trouble with my Asus laptop and I am trying to do a clean install of windows. When I try this I am unable to get far as I am unable to format a new partition on the hard drive. It will let me add a new one and delete old ones but it won't let me format it. I was thinking...
  38. S

    If I format my sd card as internal in Nokia 2 will it work correctly or it will fail to support?

    If I format my sd card as internal in Nokia 2 will it work correctly or it will fail to support?
  39. M

    How do I format the card with my camera

    I bought a new card for my Canon 70 D and my G7X. I unlocked the card with the slider. Still, the message is Card cannot be accessed. Reinsert or change the card. Help!
  40. I

    LG Stylo 4 SD card

    My SD card which has been working on my phone for weeks suddenly comes up as unavailable and needing to format I don't want to format it because it has a lot of information that I need how do I get it back online
  41. N

    How to make my SD card to be internal

    When I try to format my SD card as internal storage, the phone instead shows me to format it as portable. And my phone does not accept the transfer of files from internal storage to external. Please what should I do?
  42. R

    how do change google search image display

    Now looks like pinterest ... how do I get it back to old format
  43. N

    My laptop can read the ad card but I'm not able to open it because the it's asking me to format it before I use it but when fo

    My sd card is viewing in the laptop but it cannot be used because it's asking me to format it although when I format it it says Windows was not able to complete the formatting. I cannot open nor copy anything to the card.
  44. D

    How can I get all photo

    I format my phone
  45. C

    Solved! LG K10 (can't format sd card as internal storage

    Why I don't have the option of format sd card as internal storage. I only can find the format option in "setting" My Android is 6.0
  46. L

    FORMAT SD card

    Sd card won't format but it supports SDHC AND SDXC
  47. M

    Couldn't play movies on Android phone from SD card!

    I have a 64GB SD Card (Class 10). In order to get movies onto it, I have to format it as NTFS. However, once I put the SD card in my phone, it doesn't seem to recognize the NTFS format and reformats it back to FAT32 and removes anything that was loaded on the SD card. Anyone find a way around this?
  48. Y

    How do I format the SD card for my Tab 4

    I'm really not all that sharp, didn't grow up with this stuff. I have a sd card for a Tab 4 that doesn't appear to be detected. It was suggested that I format the card. I don't know how.
  49. G

    How to format SD Card to Internal Memory on VIVO Y71

    I've been looking for a way to move my apps from internal memory to sd card on this phone, found out I have to format the SD Card as Internal first. I've also been looking to ways to format the card. They said it's as simple as go to settings > storage. Or via the setup SD Card notification...
  50. M

    Storage problem Solution

    I am having infinix hot 5 which is full of storage so i inserted a sd card of 8 gb as i wanted to use it as internal. But when i tried to convert my sd card so there is no option coming format as internal beside the option simple format
  51. V

    sd card format

    What pin is wanted to format the sd card on my j1ace
  52. K

    Grand prime plus

    In my mobile "grand prime plus" there no three dot option present and also not present the sentence "format as internal"
  53. T

    I can't read or format 3 of my SD cards

    I use Canon 5D Mark2 and 5D Mark3, today, both cameras could not read or format these cards, however, both cameras were able to do it 3 days ago. Is there a way to format them?
  54. J

    Sd card kodak

    I have a kodak easyshare DX6490. That will not format my new sd card 16gb. I have also formatted it on my laptop and tried it still went work. Could there be something wrong with the camera???

    Solved! Format as internal

    how could i format my sd card as an internal without that option on the settings? i go to the sd settings and when i open them there no option beside the simple format. But what if i format sd card as ext4 file system using my desktop and then use it in my phone. Will it work?
  56. P

    j2 prime 6.0.1 8gb memory it has no format as internal. model number (SM-G532G/DS)

    please help me. i can't download everything i want.
  57. K

    My large SD card won't format on my 10 year old Canon DSLR

    I cannot format my 128 GB SD card to my 10 year old Canon Rebel XSI. I downloaded the SD formatting app- it took 14 hours on my mac, but my camera still won't take it.
  58. H

    i trie all trick but my memory crad not formet

    sir i triad all process but my memory card not format