Question screen replacement problem

Nov 8, 2019
Hi.Today i replace my lg g4 broken screen.
When i open i the image is good but the touch doesn't work correctly.
It working when i unlock it for all the time i touch it but when i leave my finger for 1 second and touch it again doesnt responsive and i must close the screen and open it from power button to work for a while.
Any suggestion?
It could be a few things.

1. You need to go into the phones settings and calibrate the screen sensitivity.

2. It could be that the screen, when you reattached it, didn't connect properly, leaving it only working intermittently. To resolve you would have to remove it, disconnect it, reconnect it and then reattach it.

3. If it is an aftermarket screen and not an OEM part, then it may well be that it isn't the correct one for your device.

4. Now if you bought one that is OEM but for a different device (thinking it should work on yours) then like #2 above, it may not be the right part for your phone.

5. The part, OEM or aftermarket, is defective. The only resolution there is to return it and get a different one.

6. A sensor in the phone was damaged during the replacement. In this case you would likely need a tech.
Nov 8, 2019
i made a factory reset to my phone and disconect and conent again the screen cable but the problem still remains ,when the screen opens it working for one second(and for all time when i touch it) and then freeze
is good idea to try to clean with alcohol the tape and chips of screen?
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Nov 8, 2019
update:it is working 100% correctly when i have the phone on charger
but dont working on pc usb charge!
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Then there is more going on here than just the display. Not charging when connected to a computer may be the USB port and the settings on the computer. It could also be the cable connecting to the computer.

However, since you say it works normal when connected to power, no lags etc., then you have to look at the battery not getting enough power out. Which can happen if it is going bad or it is not sitting in the device correctly.
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