Question Scrolling is ok only on right edge


May 18, 2015
Hi, i just bought from aliexpress a Lenovo xioxin plus tablet (the Chinese p11 plus) with a global rom ( TB-J607F_S160068_210722_ROW) running android 11. It has a really weird issue - the scrolling seems to work properly only when swiping on the right edge of the screen, there it is fast, responsive and controllable. in some apps like facebook the scrolling on any other part of the screen is slow and unresponsive, and i need to use fast large strong swiping motions to move the screen at a decent speed. On chrome for example the be scrolling is slow when normal strokes are being used but it pick up speed suddenly, and i cant learn how to control the speed. but on the developers settings menu i WAS able to control the speed but it was still slow and i needed to use strong big strokes. In all cases scrolling worked fine only on the right edge (although i cant completely control the scrolling when it enters high speed)
Any ideas on what is the problem and if it's solvable without replacing the firmware?
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