Selecting the right monitor speakers


Jun 14, 2015
I am about to buy a new set of monitor speakers. I am between the
1) Edifier 1800tii ( active speakers)
and the
2) Scythe Kro Craft Speaker Rev.B (passive speakers) + Scythe Kama Bay AMP 2000 Rev.B(amplifier)

The price is the same for both sets (100 dollar), i have heard for both very good words so i cant deside. My main use is going to be music listening,movies and little music production( nothing flashy just to pass time).

Finaly one last question. If i pick the edifier will i need a dac and a sound card for better audio? ( will it make deference or not? )
I can't comment on how the two speakers sound. As a brand I think Edifier is more well known and service would probably be better.
Since neither has a built in DAC both would benefit by a better soundcard or USB DAC. You would not need both.