Send music to multiple amps


Apr 24, 2016
Hey guys,

I've looked online for solutions to my problem and there are so many, but I would like to hear if someone thinks I can solve it with the equipment I currently have.

So my situation is that I moved into a new house and there are speakers wired in upstairs and downstairs, but the upstairs speakers run to the master bedroom and the speakers downstairs run to where a TV should be setup (for surround sound). I currently have an older 5.1 style amp running the speakers upstairs and I'm going to be buying a new amp for surround sound downstairs (will be the gaming/movie TV). What I would like to do is be able to play the same music through both amps in order to have the same music throughout the house without running wires or buying a bunch of equipment. This isn't something I really need, just something I think would be awesome to have, so I can't justify buying a bunch of equipment for it. I have an older iPhone (currently playing music through the dock on the older amp) and an old windows phone if those could be used. My current phone is an android. There is also an xbox (360 and One) to be connected downstairs and obviously I have a WiFi network. My music source will almost always be a phone (android or apple) and I will avoid any FM transmitter solutions, I've never found those to have good enough quality.

Can anyone think of how I could make use of what I have to connect the two amps? And if someone could possibly suggest a WiFi solution and some way to connect a phone to it as the source that would be pretty awesome (ex: someone can come over and using either WiFi or BT play their music on my system, I realize for this I might need to buy something but if I can keep it under $100 that would be ok). Any suggestion or explanations as to why I'm just a hopeful idiot are appreciated haha.