Sennheiser G4me Zero Headset Screw


Jan 5, 2016
Hi there,

Simple but surprisingly difficult to answer question. What type of screw is used to attach the earpad section to the headband in the Sennheiser G4me Zero Headset (White if this matters)?

I refer to the screws facing the ears but before the padded earpads (right below the L and R letter section of the headphones).

A screw recently came loose and i'd like to replace it, but preferably without having to send the product in to be repaired. It seems a waste to go through a multiweek cycle of warranty jsut to replace a single screw. I've searched local hardware stores (AUS), Bunnings, MSY (computer store), and much more with no luck. I have also emailed Sennheiser support who insist they have no idea what type of screw it is and that my only recourse is to send it in for repairs.

Any help is appreciated!
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