Sennheiser Game Zero Headset do I need a soundcard or is onboard fine from motherboard?

Jul 3, 2018
Hello I've seen alot of Youtubers doing reviews of the Sennheiser Game Zeros/Ones and the microphone test is perfect and quality but I was wondering is a soundcard / mix amp needed to make these run good or could you just use your motherboard ports? For example I'm using the Z370 HD3 Motherboard


I'm wondering if this motherboard will suffice for the headset? Or should i upgrade to a soundcard? Or will the microphone/audio sound the same regardless if there are any improvements how big is it for the mic/audio?

Sennheiser Game Zeros:


Basically simplified question is my motherboard fine for this headset? Or do i need to upgrade to make them sound as good as everyone is hyping them up to be
I think your MB is fine for your headset.
MB audio is generally very good quality audio.
I would try it and if I was happy with it I wouldn't do anything else.