Solved! Serious Performance Degradation

Mizushima Kenshin

Nov 18, 2014
My laptop's performance is degrading over the time. My laptop is around 3 years old equipped with i5 5200u, geforce 940m, 8GB ram and Win 10.I upgraded from Win 8.1 (came with the laptop) to Win 10 half a year later after buying it.

From then my performance started decreasing, not that I suffered from a sudden heavy negative impact but rather it happened as time passed. 2 years back I was able to play LRFXIII at 60fps with 900p reso but now it is somewhere at 30-40 fps with same settings. Even World of Final Fantasy which I played previous year's December at 60 fps 900p reso is now working at inconsistent 30-40 fps with 900p, a 40-50% performance cut in this specific game(not all).

In these years, I have tried many things like Hitman Pro, Junk removal tool, Malware Bytes, Adware Cleaner, Updating Drivers & Installing Drivers that are available on my laptop's brand site, Defragmentation with Pro Programs even Windows Reinstall.

While playing Fortnite online benchmarks show it should give me around constant 40 fps with 768p medium setting but I can't even mantain 40 with 720p lowest settings & games which were barely playable back then are now simply unplayable. I have also cleaned my laptop's fan back this summer.

SO JUST WHAT CAN I DO TO GET MY PERFORMANCE BACK??? My laptop feels like junk compared to what it was. Could it be because of the Windows updates? Because that is the only thing I keep updating except Graphics Driver (I have tried clean installing old drivers of GFX as well but with no performance gains). I would be thankful for any help.

BTW I have checked for heating issues and thermal throttling but that doesn't seem to be the reason (for upto 2 hours of gameplay.)
Nov 16, 2018
Even though you are saying that your temperatures are fine it would be useful if you let me know what your cpu and gpu temperatures are after an hour of gameplay. And which tool are you using to measure cpu and gpu temperatures?

Moreover, make sure you have the current drivers for your 940m. Also have you ever updated your laptop's bios? If not, I highly recommend you to update your laptop's bios. you will find your laptop's bios updates in your laptop company's support site. there may be several bios files there, just get the latest one. Also, dont blame me if you brick your mobo after the bios update as there is a small chance of that happening. However after a successful bios update, check the performance in gaming and the temperatures too. Post them here.
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