Setting up a stereo system, need advice


Jul 7, 2008
OK so here's the deal, i'm getting a new room in about a month and a half and my current speakers are starting to do (currently running two creative 2.1 computer speaker systems into my sound card)
Pretty much i am looking for an upgrade so here's what i want

No more than $500, but preferably under $400

Ability to be controlled from my computer as i plan on using windows media player to play my music

music is most important, may use occasionally for tv and games but mostly music

Loud!!! i'm a metalhead :p i want it to be clear enough but since i'm listening to mostly metal and hard rock it doesn't need to be the clearest thing ever. And also a good amount of bass.

Can be in any form floor standing, wireless, wired etc but wireless and floor standing is prefered.

So far i have been all over the place looking at stuff, mostly polk audio floor standing speakers, have no clue where to start with receivers though

also, i was also thinking about just getting a home theatre system compatible with my pc which would be easier, but would it also be better performance wise?

Thanks for the help!


I don't think a home theatre system is going to deliver on heavy metal.

If I was building a new stereo system for rock I'd look for a serious amplifier not a receiver (current Marantz integrated amps come to mind but with the computer controlling things you could just buy a power amplifier).

Some large speakers -- JBL would be ideal but are expensive.

At home (and I occasionally like to blow out the cobwebs with Led Zep or The Who) I use a NAD 55w receiver, ancient and found on the street, and UK made Bowers & Wilkins DM2 speakers (also a find).

The joy of this old stuff is it's cheap or free and I think ancient Japanese electronics (like the NAD) sounds pretty good and was built to last (like 20 years, so far).
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