Question Setting up Bluetooth receiver and soundbar

Oct 16, 2019
I'm hoping to set up both a soundbar and a bluetooth receiver with a samsung smart TV but unfortunately the TV only has optical audio out.
I have a bluetooth receiver but it is a USB connector. What's the best way to set up so that I can reasonably easily switch between the sound bar and the headphones? I'm thinking I need an optical audio switch and then a converter from optical to USB but want to confirm this isn't crazy.


When you say "bluetooth receiver" are you talking about an actual receiver or one of the devices that converts cable signal to bluetooth, or some USB bluetooth dongle for a computer? What exactly do you have, brand and model? You can get an optical audio splitter to route the TV output to two devices.
Oct 16, 2019
I currently have this device on hand:
Was being used on a previous TV.

Was hoping to find some way to have a centralized controller to switch between a set of bluetooth headphones and a sound bar. The TV has only one audio out port so it doesn't seem possible to have the TV control the switch.
First off you need a transmitter not a receiver. USB is useless in this case as well.
You can split the optical audio output of the TV and connect it to both the soundbar and a BT transmitter. Set the TV to output in PCM stereo. Use either or both the soundbar and headphones by just turning them on.
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