Should I buy Macbook Air 2017 or Macbook Pro 2017 for 2D game development?


Jul 31, 2017
Is the MacBook Air 2017 ok for developing 2D games or I should go for a MacBook Pro 2017?
I need a laptop because I can't carry a desktop from my dad's house to my mum's etc.
Also, I want an OSX computer because windows started to disappoint me and I find it more user friendly from any Linux distro.

#1 Sorry if I made any grammar or spelling mistake but I don't speak English everyday.
#2 Thanks for helping! :)


Really depends on the scope of the development...Technically, there's nothing you "can't" do on an Air 2017 that you can on a Pro, but of course the hardware inside can impact speed etc of certain aspects.

While appreciating the desire for OSX, IMO, you vastly overpay for Macbooks of any variety.
The Air is only a slight update vs the 2016 (same gen CPUs, but a little faster clock speed).

The Pro is $2,500+ for their top of the line model (7th Gen i7, 512GB SSD, 16GB DDR3, Radeon Pro 560).

Then, for a (relatively) comparable Windows laptop, you're looking at more like ~$1,300

Not as 'sleek' or quite as thin as a MacBook, the CPU isn't quite as fast from a turbo standpoint, and the GPU is not quite as good...... it's half the price!
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