Should I buy the new Gtx 1070 Msi Stealth gs63vr or wait to see what razer comes out with?


Jan 23, 2015
Hi everyone! So as some of you may know, a couple of laptops have now hit the market featuring the new Nvidia Max q technology. MSI was one of the companies to come out with a 15.6 inch gaming laptop with a gtx 1070 that weighs only 3.96 lb.I would really like to get my hands on that as I have the money as of right now and I'm going to be going away a lot this summer so I'll be using a laptop to game however my laptop right now is not up to the spec requirements for the games I like to play. So basically my main question is: Since there will most likely be other companies to come out with new laptops featuring the new gtx 1070 max q technology (especially razer) should I wait for the new oines to come out and see if there are better/more affordable options? or should I bite the bullet and buy the new MSI 15 inch laptop?
Here is the link to the exact model on amazon:


Sep 3, 2013
well its really up to you.personally i never like razer notebook especially the thin/slim one as the temps can get quite high.however if u can wait,it will benefit u as well as u can survey new laptop models and maybe the Msi might even drop in price or comes with more option.