Solved! Should I replace my Laptop's hard drive??


Mar 5, 2017
* Processor: Intel Core i5-3317U

* RAM: 4 GB

* System Type: Windows 8, 64-bit OS

So after a 6-8 months I got this laptop, occasionally while using it (such as playing games) it suddenly gives me the BSOD usually involving the Kernel Page error.

I restart it but when I start playing games, it usually freezes for a fraction of a sec then its fine, then after a few min. it freezes again,

It wont return to normal unless I do a chkdsk scan and repair. As I have done chkdsk for a couple of times, the BSOD rarely occured.

I thought it was all fine, until this december, my OS became corrupt and I cant boot it up, I tried windows system repair, recovery point, etc.

The only thing that worked was to wipe my files clean and restore the operating system to its original state like its brand new from the store ( it was a feature , wipe all my files and reset the OS)

As of now, I didnt have a BSOD but after a while that my laptop is on, it lags every now and then.

So I turn my laptop on, I do stuff and things, after how many hours, it starts to lag, alt+tabbing out of a game takes 5 seconds because of lag.

How do i know if its the hard drive causing my laptop to lag?? I have the piriform Defraggler installed and it says Disk Health is good? is that even the same?

**Any help is appreciated!!**
have you checked the website for your laptop and seen if you have latest drivers as that can cause lag if you using old ones.