Apr 2, 2018

I have my house set up with about 10 hue lights and 10 smart switches all over the place. I use Google home and Amazon Echo to run all of those lights and switches. However, I am having a bit of an issue with this whole set up that I can not figure out why. I guess this is a shot in the dark to see if you could help me or not but here it goes...
My lights turn on an off fine but 8 out of 10 times, when I command Alexa or Google to turn on or off a specific light, like the kitchen ceiling, the whole kitchen turns on and when I ask the kitchen hue lights to turn off, they do turn off but turn right back on instantly, or even sometimes they do turn off and then the dining room turns on right after. In the living room, when I ask the lights to turn off, they do, but then again they turn back on instantly. Its so frustrating, every command has to be repeated like 10 times for it to work as I intended. I have tried everything from resetting the hub for hues, deleting cache on my Google and Alexa apps to renaming all the lights but nothing has worked.

I am so sorry for this long msg but no one seems to know what the problem could be. My guess is the fact that Alexa and Google are working on the same network with the same lights connected...

Thank you, any help would be appreciated
Your guess may be correct. You can check that by disconnecting one of them from AC so it can't issue a command at the same time as the other one.
If you use the Philips app to control the lights does the same problem occur?
Does the problem affect the smart switches too?
Sometimes these light control systems aren't as robust as the more expensive ones like Lutron. They don't scale up as well.
Jan 7, 2015
- try exclusively using only one voice control for a few days and see if the problem persists (make sure to totally disconnect and/or sign out of all services so that the one you aren't using has zero possible access to the Hue hub, even on a remote system somewhere)

- not sure for Google, but in the Alexa app you can go in and look at what it "thinks" you said. Make sure it isn't misinterpreting.

- take note of ambient noise levels; reduce if possible (i.e. move Echo away from air conditioners, fans, televisions, etc.)

- ensure Hue hub is fully updated

- try factory resetting hue and setting it up again (warning: may require some know how if you mess up and don't disassociate your light bulbs correctly, so make sure to follow the directions closely for resetting)