Question Smart locks stupid question time - is it only the deadbolt?


Dec 10, 2003
So I'm getting a new entry door later this week, and I'm considering a smart lock to control access. I need this because when I'm working in the yard, the kids lock me out of the house. That said, I've started my search.

For a front entry door, typically you have heavier, more ornate hardware with a locking lever/knob and a deadbolt. These can be separate, but many are one integral unit. So, that's my perception: two devices to operate to enter the house.

What I am finding is that the vast majority of "smart locks" apply only to the deadbolt. This leaves me a bit confused as the situation implies the knob or lever that actually opens the door has no lock at all.

Am I missing something?


Senior Editor
Oct 4, 2013
You are correct in your assumption that many smart locks are just the deadbolt variety. However, there are a few with integrated levers, such as the Lockly, which can be found on our best smart locks page. Schlage also has a Connected Keypad Lever lock, and there's also the Yale Assure Lever smart lock.
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