smartphone as non-smartphone


Feb 29, 2016
which smartphone can be activated as a non-smartphone with at&t? I do not use the internet I only talk and text Im using a samsung galaxy skyrocket II right now and Im able to talk and text but not able to sent pictures. I would like to be able to send pictures. my phone is old and its starting to die on me. so I'm trying to find out which other phone at&t would allow me to use as another one on the plan. But one where I can also send Pictures. Someone told me about a phone once starting with a Kyeo???something but when I required about it found out it was not a good phone.... pls help ... my phone won't last much longer family and friends can't hear me on my phone and its very frustrating. thanks for your help:)
You could try the LG Xpression 2, which has a slide out keyboard. However the camera is only 2mp.

There is the Sonim XP5, it has a 5mp camera. This is a candy bar shaped phone.

And then there is the Kyocera DuraXE, which also has a 5mp camera.

The LG B470, it has a very low rez camera. Only 1.3mp.

The last two are flip phones.

All are ok, if you are wanting just a standard phone (not smart phone). I have been debating the same change myself. I would say the better choices are the LG or the Kyocera. The Kyocera DuraXE would be a bit of a hassle for texting (to start) since no regular keyboard like the LG. The camera is much better on the Dura and it would stand up better to wear and tear.