Oct 18, 2014
A few days ago i finally gathered the courage to try rooting my Samsung Galaxy S4 At&t and it went great!
I was able to use SuperUser and enjoy RootBrowser and Greenify without any issues.
As I learned more about the benefits of a rooted phone i came upon Nandroid backups. I thought that would be a great thing to have encase I ever screwed up my phone and needed to fully restore it.
So i went off to watch a few videos about getting CWM to do it and so i got the CWM Manager app from the Google play store. I told the app to install CWM but after restarting it after the install it looked like it was working for a second and displayed this picture but only for a fraction of a second. Then it went right back to this guy

But luckily for me it would still boot up correctly if i held the power button and restarted it.
That's where my luck ran out.
I kept trying to get a successful new recovery screen so i could make a nandroid backup so i tried TWRP. I looked up tutorials and found a lot of people using goo manager. But goo manager is no longer on the app store and when i side loaded its apk the app didn't seem able to locate any download links. So i tried the second app on the app store TWRP Manager. I told it where to find my External SD card (although that may have been where i missed up) and it installed version 2.8 .
It said the install was successful but now when i turn on the phone it goes straight to the downloading screen and says in small red letters at the top right of the screen
Could not do normal boot

If i try turning off the phone it just restarts to that screen

What should I do?
I have a recent backup on Kies and I manually copied the files that were available on windows file explorer but I would much rather try fixing it without wiping it.

Can I re-install the stock recovery to fix it?
Is reinstalling the stock OS the only option?
Would it hurt the phone if I took the battery out and tried rebooting it that way?

Thanks so much for reading all this and for your help.