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  1. S

    Asphalt 9 on Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini?

    Possible or not with Custom ROM? I don't have money for better (new) phone.
  2. S

    Solved! can i run gta 5 and pubg on 4 gb ram , 1 tb rom with Intel Integrated HD 620 graphics?

    Before asking i installed gta 5 but its does not work . the output shows video somthing i cant remember right now! give me the best answer , hope u answer thanks>...
  3. S

    answer about old old laptop

    anyone know how to unlock a toshiba c55-b5302 that says PXE - ROM??
  4. B

    In my android has no any file and apps but showing no space actually has 4 GB space.and cannot installing ROM from computer

    In my android has no any file and apps but showing no space actually has 4 GB space.and cannot installing ROM from computer??
  5. C

    how can i root a hipstreet electron tablet and install a custom rom

    how can i root a hipstreet electron tablet and install a custom rom because the hipstreet version of android seems to come with adware that keeps coming back after removal.
  6. K

    Help on laptop

    need help on my ASUS laptop it’s saying PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM.
  7. E

    I tried to clean my labtop but fall asleep in the middle of the process. I woke up next day and it said reboot and select prop

    Black screen with a lot of lime word like PXE-MOF: exiting PXE ROM
  8. V

    Mirror a ROM of a Smartphone?

    How can a new operating system of a smartphone be copied to a computer for a future re-load/back-up in case of an unforeseen future corrupted operating system on that smartphone?
  9. D

    Can not uninstall programs (Warthunder, WorldofTanks

    Sorry if this is under the wrong section but I am really concerned. I was downloading a ROM from one of my friends ([link removed]) and while doing so I got about 5 programs unintentionally. (Such as Chromium, Yahoo Powered! some anti-virus and these 2.) I've uninstalled most of these programs...
  10. D

    Is there a free version of the ROM toolbox pro

    Looking for a free version of the ROM toolbox pro.
  11. R

    pls track my phone if possible I'll give you the IMEI number 1- 863675037898348

    Redmi 4 April 2017 3gb ram 32gb rom black Iemi number 1- 863675037898348 Iemi number 2- 863675037898355
  12. drjackool

    ROM Flashing Lumia 930

    Hi I have a Lumia 930 phone (+mic #3 & #4 problem). I want to upgrade it's firmware, FROM: PackageTitle: RM-1045 VAR APAC HK CV BLACK Product Code: 059W0J7 Last Firmware: 02540.00019.15053.26005 TO: PackageTitle: RM-1045 VAR EURO GB CV BLACK Product Code: 059W004 Last Firmware...
  13. A

    J7 prime cant get signals tried stock rom custom rom no signal sim is working fine in other devices

    i own a j7 prime one day signal just went off i dont know why how sim is working fine in other devices but not in this phone
  14. B

    PXE-E61 : Media test failure, check cable. PXE-M0F : Exiting PXE ROM.

    I have a windows 10 64-bit pc. I can't boot my pc because of an error. I need help and also tried many methods but cant boot my pc, kindly plz help me. Thank you
  15. S

    Pxe mof - Exiting Intel pxe rom

    I Have Dell inspiron and last night it fell down on the floor and this is the issue with my laptop.
  16. M

    Solved! Custom Rom for J3 sm-j320fn

    Hello, i recently rooted my android phone and the main reason i for that is that i could download a custom Rom, but i cant find one good, does anyone know a good one? If you do tell me because i realy need it! Thanks :)
  17. B

    How to restore photo s from google dr

    Restore my photos I rom google drive
  18. G

    Acer Laptop : PXE-M0F: Exisiting PXE Rom No bootable device -

    Hi I have a Acer Laptop and it is telling me PXE-M0F: Exisiting PXE Rom No bootable device - Insert boot disk and press any key - I dont have a disk or a USB stick to reboot etc and I cant get past this page, please help me I dont know what I need to do or how to fix it
  19. R

    Android M ROM don't show internal storage

    I have a problem with my HTC Desire 816G (MT6592). Whenever I install the Android M ROM, internal storage doesn't mount. My phone's internal storage doesn't appear in USB mode and nor in file manager. The phone's features like Gallery, Camera, Recording, etc., are not working on all Marshmallow...
  20. L

    download directly to SD card

    How do I download directly to my SD card if I don't have room to download ROM Toolbox pro? I don't have any apps that can be removed or moved to SD card.
  21. J

    where to download cyanogen mod

    Is there anywhere that I can download a cyanogen mod rom? Their website seems to be down, and there seems to be no repositories. Is there anywhere else I can download cm 12.1 for my electrify m?
  22. K

    Lenovo needs help

    My Lenovo s20-30 is on win8 and it's on the pxe rom and I need to now how to fix
  23. A

    want to download an app into ext sd

    OK so I have a fake galaxy s6 (can't afford original) but it works well and I almost can't tell the difference except for one glaring fault. The phone has two storages internal and a faux external(which is not external its just named that) each 1gb hilariously desguised as 32 each meaning when I...
  24. N

    Updrade hp laptop rom

    I want to upgrade HP 15-r204TX laptop RAM . Comfortable for my laptop?
  25. C

    Flashing BASIC to a Chip?

    Hello! I have recently gained interest in old computers and the Arduino. Sure enough, I got an idea. How would I go about flashing a BASIC to a ROM chip, like a C64/Apple II would have done? I would like to know how I would go about flashing a ROM image, and how I would get a BASIC onto one...
  26. M

    i am using a galaxy note I from T mobile rooted and under custom rom. I wiped the system and now there's no OS installed. I ca

    i am using a galaxy note I from T mobile rooted and under custom rom. I wiped the system and now there's no OS installed. I cant reboot into recovery mode because only the logo shows and then the screen goes black. How do i load into recovery mode?
  27. F

    Nokia X wont turn on after flashing stock rom from CyanogenMod

    After I installed CM11 in my nokia x, the camera is not supported so ive flashed the stock rom back. Ive charged my nokia x after 1 week of not being charged, when it is on lockscreen the phone turned off. after a day, it does not show a charging logo while charging. it wont turn on now. please help
  28. S

    the bios file version does not match the BIOS ROM version.

    hi i have ASUS N550 JK notebook. i had some problems that Windows didn't recognize my nvida display drivers. So i researched about that. I saw some strange things. My BIOS has N550JV version. But my computer is N550 JK. I wanted to repair this under easy flash tried to update BIOS. But "easy...
  29. Tenslaster2980

    Malware-Bytes detected my DS ROMS at PUPs

    So I've been trying to get DS ROMS onto my iPhone to use iNDS/NDS4IOS. And iTunes has been no help (you have to transfer the ROMS through iTunes, and the phone isn't showing up). And I was doing a full scan with Malware-Bytes, and I got 4 PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Program), and I realized they...
  30. M

    GameBoy Rom into Android App?

    Hi guys! I saw some Gameboy games on play store which you can play without download rom and emulator. Does anybody know how can i make my own gb rom to android app. Thanks! Sorry if i missed topic :/
  31. R

    {Help} Sprint Samsung S5 unresponsive

    I use custom ROM cm 12.1 I took a shower i got water onto the phone but it never turned off the port cover was closed and i checked inside the water indicators are still white. My phone died from low battery i was running a battery calibration app as well. I have tried booting to Recovery...
  32. utroz

    Nabi 2 Bricked, got TWRP working but can't seem to load ROM to get Nabi 2 full functioning.

    So I was given a free Nabi 2 as the person who had it was doing and update and unplugged the power or shut it off during an OTA update or that is the story they told me. Anyways when I got it, it wouldn't do a damn thing, so I used fastboot bootloader and NabiLab GUI 2015 to get TWRP KK...
  33. K

    Need help please pro 10 tab

    RCA tab that I have rooted everything is great but with jellybean 4.2 there has to be a rom. Or something to up grade the is I can't even dl apps that I used with kitkat any help would be very appreciated thank you and this is a nice site you have here o BTW I am running 4.2.0 jellybean on a...
  34. M

    can't remove faceplate on Acer Aspire ES1-532-C6FQ

    want to install rom drive in a Acer Aspire ES1-532-C6FQ but I cannot figure out how to remove the faceplate. Please explain what I am doing wrong. I have had to man handle the faceplate which I find rather disturbing. Pleas help.
  35. K

    rooting , jailbreaking and custom rom

    guys can any one explain me what is the difference between rooting, jailbreaking and custom rom......because iam not familiar with all this things...
  36. Bill2002

    Looking for a chromebook

    I am looking for something for my friend. She needs it to be like 11 inches, something that's pretty small, if not smaller. Talking about a Chromebook by the way. It needs to have decent specs, to watch videos, and store some stuff. Can you get ROM's to run games like FireEmblem on Chromebooks...
  37. RPT3CH_US3R

    Nero burning ROM 2016 installation problem!

    Im reinstalling Nero burning ROM 2016 but everytime it goes to Installing (after downloading) .. i get this error Installation failed, Common reasons are not enough space in the target directory, or a newer version of the product that has been installed before. Please verifiy the installation...
  38. arthos4551

    Android ROMS for SCH-I535

    My galaxy S3 is getting a bit outdated and my plan will be getting a new phone in a few months so i wanted to play around with some ROMS. However i have no idea where to start. Ive been looking at CyanogenMod and ParanoidAndroid. However it seems ParanoidAndroid doesnt even support my phone. Ive...
  39. C

    Rom for Zte Blade G

    hi everybody i would like to ask has a rom for zte blade g because its rom is modded by zte and too laggy ! also could you give tips to increase performance(rooted)
  40. Z

    looking for ellipsis 7 stock rom

    please can any one help me get ellipsis 7 stock rom. Even if its a download link i would very much appreciate it.
  41. R

    Android stock memory eraser toolkit

    I wish to erase my whole entire phone as well as the stock rom where the OS is installed. The reason is the stock rom chip has also been infected with a spreading virus. So basically i cannot attatch the phone to my pc, otherwise it will spread to the pc and once i delete the stock rom firmware...
  42. R

    unable to root

    HI I have tried rooting my samsung s duos2 with kingoroot iroot but it fails after 50 percent how can i root ny phone. from where i could get a good custom rom foer it it is has some disadvantage of instaling rom
  43. V

    Stuck in a bootloop

    So was going to change ROM on my gt-i9300,i downloaded new ROM went to the custom recovery did factory data reset,cashe particion wipe,then tryed to install new ROM and it says something like detected system blocked(it's not exatly like that).PLEASEEEE HEEEELP
  44. P

    check cable connection! PXE - MOF: exiting intel PXE ROM

    my laptop suddenly switched off while using, i thought of small problem or may be battery problem. but it goes on blinking when i restart it. i tried to boot it but its showing " check cable connection! PXE - MOF: exiting intel PXE ROM..what to do ?? need suggestions.. i will thankfull for the...
  45. G

    is there a lollipop 5.0 rom for samsung 10.1 N8010?

    anyone find a lollipop rom for the N8010 yet? i found one spot that says they have one, but they split the rom up into 3 pieces and require you to fill out a bunch of stupid offers before downloading it, so i didnt bother. anyone have a no hassle link?
  46. Z

    how do I get root access on my galaxy s4 table for rom toolbox

    Need it for rom toolbox to work so I can set my apps to default to my sd card
  47. G

    Please help me recover a Soft Bricked Tablet.

    My tablet is mElimu model 718. This tablet is provided by the university I go to for distance learning. It got soft bricked while i was customizing the notification bar. i had just finished installing spark (which supposed to customize notification bar), restarted and it got stark in a black...
  48. A

    changing operating system on generic chinese tablet

    hi all, my wife bought a pretty crappy little tablet awhile back and i'm pretty sure the custom rom etc that is on it isn't doing it any favours. is there a guide anywhere or tips to help me install cyangenmod etc? i tried using there install system but it didn't like it as it wasn't a...
  49. greyfire

    Soft Bricked Android Smartphone

    Hi A few days ago i finally gathered the courage to try rooting my Samsung Galaxy S4 At&t and it went great! I was able to use SuperUser and enjoy RootBrowser and Greenify without any issues. As I learned more about the benefits of a rooted phone i came upon Nandroid backups. I thought that...
  50. M

    HP envy laptop: PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM. No bootable device

    i need help with this. i never had a boot disk and there's no place to insert one.
  51. J

    CWM Recovery Install Help

    Hello, I want to install CWM recovery on my device, a Blu Studio 6.0 HD, for those who don't know Blu is a phone manufacturer based in Miami Florida ( My device is not supported and I have never installed any type of custom recovery before so I do not know how to install it, it...
  52. A

    flashing a custom kernel

    I don't know how to find a custom kernel for a device whether it is xda forum or anywhere else. Also i couldn't find any custom rom for my device. Its intex aqua y2 pro. Now how can i overclock it.
  53. W

    Will i lose recovery after flashing new firmware on android?

    I need to flash a new rom which needs a new firmware, and i do not want to lose the recovery. Device- Xperia S
  54. V

    micromax a111 not turning on...

    my micromax a111 not getting on,not responding when kept charging,neither going to recovery mode.i selected wrong CWM recovery by mistake now my phone is not responding at all please guys help me fix this...
  55. P

    how do i get more rom on my laptop

    I have a gateway laptop with vista - how do I get more ROM space
  56. C

    Do we need to root

    So i am going to install aosp rom on my mobile phone micromax unite 2 ... Do aosp rom requires root ... If no then please instruct how to install aosp rom on micromax unite 2 ... And if yes then please tell me how to root it without pc ...
  57. mitchmatch

    How to install snes Rom's

    How do I install Rom's onto a snes emulator iPad jailbreak
  58. S

    Best Rom for Samsung Galaxy SII Gi9100

    Hi.I em currently having Android 4.2 in my samsung galaxy S2 Gi9100. I need suggestions for a good ROM for my mobile. ONLY ROMS WITH INBUILT play store NEEDED. Gapps separate not interested. PLEASEEEEE HHEELLPP!!! :(
  59. Y

    Need bios file

    PhoenixTechnologiesLtd.-CDVW316W[20130403]X64.rom.( winbond W25Q16)
  60. T

    US Cellular Flash back to stock ROM issue

    I recently reflashed my US Cellular Galaxy s4 back to the stock ROM. During the setup process it said that the phone was already activated and activation failed. I can not make nor receive calls,txts or access data. Does anyone know of a way to de-activate a phone?