the bios file version does not match the BIOS ROM version.


May 31, 2014
hi i have ASUS N550 JK notebook. i had some problems that Windows didn't recognize my nvida display drivers. So i researched about that. I saw some strange things. My BIOS has N550JV version. But my computer is N550 JK. I wanted to repair this under easy flash tried to update BIOS. But "easy flash" tool didn't let me to do this. It says " the bios file version does not match the BIOS ROM version" . I sent my notebook to repairment service i think they did this. Now i'm too far from there and i want to fix this issue. how to update asus notebook from wrong BIOS version to right. Its so strange computer works well but some problems occur when it comes to Nvida drivers. Because two computers N550JK and N550JV have diffferent drivers. I tried AFUWİN APTIO 4 too. I tried ASUS Winflash /nodate also. "ASUS winflash " gives same message . I couldn't manage AFUWİN to flash BIOS. It says ' 3- error: ROM file size does not match existing BIOS size. Do you any suggestion or another easy way to fix this issue.