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  1. Maximum Kamehameha

    Question How do I perform a flash?

    I have a strong reason to believe my has been hacked as even after trying a hard reset and factory reset my phone still continues to act weird. I want to zero out all of my phone's drive similar to freshly installing windows on a formatted drive, from what I've been told flashing my phone can...
  2. M

    MSI GX70 3BE/GX70 vBios flash showing two video cards

    so i got this laptop today and i have updated it's vbios, from msi's website [https://www.msi.com/Laptop/support/GX70-3BEGX70#down-firmware] and now instead of showing AMD HD 7950M, it shows 8970M. What is going on? Also on HWinfo it shows 7950M/8970M.
  3. R

    Can't remove screen overlay. Tried everything. Help don't want to flash my phone

    Can't remove screen overlay. Tried everything. Help don't want to flash my phone.... how do I identify the problem app
  4. L

    Solved! Windows problem installation

    I am have a doubt regarding windows installation. I would like to know whether i can flash windows 10 usb 2.0 drive through 3.0 port
  5. A

    Single then double flash

    Single and double flasing lights and television won't come back on
  6. T

    GL553VD 120hz monitor upgrade, will it work?

    my gl553vd's warranty is coming to an end soon, so i'm looking to upgrade it's monitor the current monitor is NT156FHM-N41, which is only 60hz http://www.panelook.com/NT156FHM-N41_BOE_15.6_LCM_overview_27048.html if i replace with B156HTN05.1 will it work? do i need to flash firmware or...
  7. J

    Solved! Login error after factory reset

    I did a hard flash on my android phone and I don't know email now I am looked out of my phone
  8. N

    Solved! Download Flash Games From Boomerang.co.uk

    Hi everyone. I want to play a flash game for playing it for when I'm offline but I can't download it. I found this game from only "Boomerang.co.uk" . When I tried to download "swf" file I can only download "MainApp.swf" file and It's forever white screen. Help me please.
  9. T

    tried taking the I've tried taking the battery out I've tried the 20 seconds thing and still get just a back light flash twic

    I don't know why it's not charging it's a Galaxy Tab 1 and I've did the 20 seconds button thing I've done that take the battery out put it back in thing and nothing's working what do I do oh yeah that's been sitting for almost a year now without being used
  10. P

    Stop adobe reader from crashing

    Adobe flash keeps asking permission and then goes really slow on my Facebook games
  11. C

    My phone camera is broken!

    Ive been taking photos recently. Then I've used flash and the whole screen goes bright and then snap, it looks like this: https://photos.app.goo.gl/qfhKLMe5ZpxfT8Qj8 It looks moist or scratched,huh. Well, my phone dropped on the a-little-bit-too-wet floor. It is working perfectly fine when I...
  12. O

    All USB ports don't work

    For some reason all of my USB ports stopped recognizing flash drives and other devices that are plugged in. Interesting, the USB port with my wireless mouse plugged in continued to work. I know there are many posts about mics not working they all seemed to stop working after some kind of...
  13. M

    It won't charge at all but every once while I get a flash of battery with lighting bolt showing on screen

    My tab will not take charge but once in while When plug charge to it I get flash of batter on screen with pink lighting bolt showing meaning not charging
  14. J

    How do i shut off Toshiba Flash cards??

    Im having the same problem. I went to msconfig and to startup . there is no Toshiba flash cards in the list. There are 2 other Toshiba programs running, There is no "msconfig" actually, it only shows "system config" when you type that in, and then when you click "startup" it comes up "open task...
  15. T

    toshiba flash cards are keeping my laptop from shutting down/restarting. I did the 'msconfig'/'start tab'/...

    toshiba flash cards are keeping my laptop from shutting down/restarting. I did the 'msconfig'/'start tab'/....when i got to this point, under the start tab said for me to go to the TASK MANAGER to manage startup items. When I get to the task manager, there is no 'Toshiba Flash Cards' listed at...
  16. F

    Asus ux360ca won't sleep when it's shut

    My asus ux360ca won't actually go to sleep when I close it. The power light will flash on and off for a while then turn on completely and the screen will be on while it's shut. It used to do this only sometimes but now does it every time it's shut, even when I close every application before...
  17. A

    sony bravia tv displays black screen with occassional flash of bravia logo and turns on and off. had history of rain water spl

    finding solution to fix sony bravia tv
  18. M

    Loptop won't turn on

    My loptop Asus K450L have power light and fan is run that no screen and loading light and wifi light it's still glitter. Or the loptop always need to turn on after few hours.I have no idea about that problem and then I have check battery and charge line are all good, Could you give me some...
  19. N

    Solved! Update broke Adobe Flash App

    So I use a program called TheRenamer(http://www.therenamer.com/), it auto renames TV shows and places them in proper folders that I use with Plex. The other week I realized it wasn’t working on my HTPC, no idea, uninstall/reinstall, nothing. I then tried to use it on another one of my PCs and...
  20. V

    What are TOSHIBA flash cards

    Good day I have a toshiba satelite and recently when i shut down there is a notice saying that TOSHIBA flash cards is preventing shut down. I have search my computer as best i can to find out what this is and It doesn't show up on any of my searches. Can anyone help me please.
  21. B

    Laptop that supports Adobe flash

    I buying a HP laptop it's a 10 inch touchscreen Atom Intel X5-Z851 i want to know does this laptop support Adore flash player. Thanks
  22. V

    stuttering when playing videos via browser

    Hey everyone, I'm not sure where else to post this. Quite simply, my system lags when i start playing a flash video in ANY of my browsers. Here is my system. Windows 10 pro 64bit. I have the latest bios, chipset, gpu driver, and browsers. Can anyone help me troubleshoot this or point me in the...
  23. darklense

    The Camera Flash Got Smart?

    Apparently Canon rolled their sleeves and made a camera flash smart. The flash turns depending on the direction point. https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2018/2/25/17046560/canon-470ex-ai-auto-flash-bounce
  24. M

    led tv backlights

    Should all the backlights flash when I turn on my TV?
  25. L

    HP stream won't start

    My daughters did a reboot of her HP stream and now it won't start up all it is doing is a constant alternating flash between a plan black screen, a black screen with the HP symbol, and a black screen with the curser. It allows you to turn it on and off but it comes right back to these same...
  26. J

    can hardrive be used as a flash drive?

    i have a fls drive. but i'm worried about if it ever takes up space. buying flashdrives after flash drives can be very expensive. since harddrives carry terrbytes instead of gigas, suppose if you don't need and old computer. can you use the hard drive as a flash drive? example, unscrew the case...
  27. M

    Reflashing BIOS of E6430.Do I need anything else?

    Hi. I have a laptop which may need bios reflashing. It's a business unit I got from work. I don't know what the issue is exactly but let's just say I'm leaning towards flashing BIOS. Short story: Laptop has power but black screen, LED working, wtc. I tried already several ways of reviving to no...
  28. 7

    My galaxy 10.1 does not come on.

    If i push the power butten it gives a quick flash and then goes black again.. It stays like that..no matter how long i charge it. The screen does not come on at all.
  29. V

    Hey my laptop when I reboot I unfortunately switched off so it's not windowa and keeps on restarting and I don't have a flash

    I am not having any flash drive or CD drive plzz help me So plzz help me to correct my lap and how to start windowa
  30. S

    What replacement part needed

    47 inch LG smart Tv picture black has sound can change channels no back lights and no image s with flash light
  31. K

    my zte grand x max 2 wont flash a light what do i do

    Plz help me I am confused
  32. B

    Toshiba Flash Card App preventing shutdown on my Toshiba Laptop

    I use Firefox browser and Windows 10 on my Toshiba Laptop. When I try to shut down the laptop, Toshiba Flash Card App prevents shut down unless I manually tell the computer to "shut down anyway". When I go to msconfig and startup I see 3 options to uninstall. None of the items are titled Toshiba...
  33. A

    bios flash fail

    Lenovo b490 bios flash failed can't boot ,screen goes blank how to reset the laptop please any one help me
  34. S

    Solved! go to start

    trying to turn off Toshiba Flash Card
  35. V

    BOSD after Bios update

    Hi good day, Im currently using asus FX553VD ROG laptop with Windows 10 OS, i was suffering from "invidia display are not available" after my last system restore so i tried searching for some solutions online and later found out that i need to try updating my bios. so i did update my bios by...
  36. K

    Flash cards problem

    Toshiba satellite pro when I go to shut it off i get message that says Toshiba flash cards preventing shut down can u help please I have to click shut down anyway
  37. K

    grand x max2

    my ZTE grand x max 2 BATTERY, died so when i try to charge it all it does is flash the home blue button fairly fast and viberate each time it flashes so wont charge ,also wont turn on ..... help please need this phone for work.
  38. A

    Tashiba Flash Card

    answer 1): You would first need to make it not set to start up when Windows does, restart the computer and then try locating and uninstalling it again. answer 2): You need to make the above change in "MSConfig" (no quotes) and on the "startup" tab. Do not uncheck anything else in there unless...
  39. M

    errors on shut down

    When shuttng down mylaptop, an error appears saying that Toshiba Flash Cards remains active. I have removed this application.
  40. C

    Toshiba flash card problem

    I have a Toshiba laptop. When trying to shutdown in windows 10 I get a message that the Toshiba flash card is preventing it from shutting down. I also get same message when I try to restart. It gives me option to force shutdown or go back and close the application, but I dont know what...
  41. K

    I have a Alcatel one touch prepaid at&t .I noticed that my flashlight widget is gone . How do I retrieve it. And why did this

    How do I retrieve my flash light and why did it disappear
  42. T

    Chrome will NOT recognize that I have the latest adobe flash installed

    Yesterday, every webpage which uses adobe flash, using Google Chrome, doesn't recognize that I DO have the latest adobe flash version. I have to click on the "Run This Time" button as well as close the Chrome doesn't support xxxxxx banner It also doesn't like my computers running Vista and XP...
  43. O

    SanDisk SDXC card failure rate

    Hello, I'm curious to know if anyone has ever had a Sandisk 10 class SDXC card fail on them and if so how often do they fail? I'm asking because I use them to film in my canon cameras and someone advised me filming to two cards simultaneously to backup my recording in case a card fails but...
  44. E

    laptop doesn't turn on

    my laptop suddenly turn off after something flash on the screen that "DIAGNOSING YOUR PC" when i plug the charger and turn on the laptop the led on the power comes on but the screen is black out and the battery light will change the color into yellow and i was worried because i don't know how...
  45. P

    Flashlight not working

    Tonight the flash light on my Vodafone Ultra Smart 6 stopped working. This means the flash on the camera and the 'flashlight app' no longer work. I have not dropped it and it has not been liquid damaged. I have tried a restart which did not sort the problem. I think it maybe a hardware issue...
  46. S

    ASUS X550CA: keeps booting to EZ Flash Update mode

    Recently my ASUS X550CA-SI30304R notebook is having a serious problem. It keeps booting to EZ Flash Update screen even after replugging the HDD in. The issue happened after a Windows 10 update, also I should mention that the keyboard has some faulty keys. Tried the Function keys without any...
  47. T

    flash tube malfunction determination

    Nikon SB800 made a popping sound ( like in capacitor) the unit powers up, the display lights up, and it sounds like the cap is charging, but the flash no longer emits light. I would like to make sure that it is for sure the flash tube before removing it. Does anyone know if there is a solid...
  48. J

    Solved! Looking for a OS that will work well on a lightweight netbook

    Hi guys, this is the section I thought this is the most appropriate to ask in. I got my nephew a netbook to play flash games as he likes to play online flash games. It is a refurbished asus eeepc and the hardware all runs fine. It has an intel atom processor (forgot exactly what speed but I...
  49. J

    Nikon D3400 External Flash Not Working

    Products I'm using are the Neewer 750II TTL Flash Speedlite, Altura Photo Wireless Flash Trigger, and the Nikon D3400. No matter what I do, I can not get the camera to set this flash off. I have the Transmitter in the Camera's hotshoe, the reciever set to Camera mode and attached to the...
  50. 1

    Need a laptop for my child who mainly plays flash games.

    I want to get my little sister a laptop for her birthday since she can't play the games her friends play which require flash, and her iPad doesn't have flash. She would use my mom's laptop, but she doesnt want her on it since it's her work laptop. She mostly plays flash games on sites like...
  51. R

    Asus Rog G73SW Video card upgrade from 460m to 770m

    Hello awesome community! I am upgrading my ancient 460m to a much better card. The 770m. Before i went ahead and bought the card i did a ton of research on my model laptop and people have had success installing this card and flashing the Vbios with Nvflash. Everything installed fine except the...
  52. E

    In my eos 1200D all the buttons beside the LCD-- menu, playback, setting, display, etc--doesn't work. Only the shutter button,

    In my eos 1200D all the buttons beside the LCD-- menu, playback, setting, display, etc--doesn't work. Only the shutter button, on/off, flash, mode dial works. I don't understand what's happening
  53. H

    My youtube looks so old

    https://gyazo.com/26abb051676ed964e2d8c63c3271a097 this is what the web page looks like and i have updated my chrome and flash and have no idea what to do
  54. C

    Solved! Laptop lights flash once and screen is black

    So I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop that I spilled juice on. I opened it up, let it dry and then clean the motherboard with alcohol. Then, after I put it back together, I pressed the power button, the lights turned on as normal but the screen stayed black. I tried connecting a second monitor to...
  55. J

    formatting using flash

    cant find format option with win 7 kindly assist since i just reach at patition page please
  56. P

    My Daewoo 21" tv red light flash once and you hear power being activated, but tv won't come on. Can u help me?

    Actually it's the old box type tv. When you you power it on the red light flash once and you hear power being activated but tv won't come on.
  57. C

    Solved! Warning Sign That Keeps Popping Up

    I keep getting the message: "plug in flash not responding". What can I do about it?