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  1. Nightman

    HTC One m8 takes 5 minutes to boot

    I've been using the Viper One rom on my HTC One m8 with no trouble for a month or so. However, when I flashed the new version 2.0 yesterday, something must have happened, because the phone now boots extremely slowly. When I turn it off and then turn it on, or when I restart it, it stays on the...
  2. C

    Can i use a Playstation 1,2,3 or 4 Controller to Play PS1,Sega Genesis,SNES,NES,N64 Roms on my Nexus 7

    Just wondering i have been playing PS1,Sega Genesis,SNES,NES and N64 Roms on my Nexus 7 for the last 2 years. Using an Emulator and the virtual keypad for each of the ancient systems that is in the emulators. I love these systems i grew up with them that is why i still like to nostalgically...
  3. S

    How to: Custom Rom [Help pls]

    Hey this is kinda a long thread but if you can help me please do so since I really miss my phone and you'd be awesome, thanks. You can also read the text with the underline for a quick overview of what the problem is. I might be too detailed but it's so it's as clear as possible and without...
  4. W

    Deleting photos on phone

    Hello! Thank you for answering! You were very helpful. You are definitely right. Awesome!
  5. G

    Exiting PXE Rom

    Will the data be available after we Start up with OS Again in the laptop. I saved it in desktop
  6. dutche99

    How to restore stock ROM on Samsung Galaxy Ace IIx

    Recently rooted my phone (GT-S7560M) to Cyanogenmod 11, and hate it, so i would like to restore the stock ROM (ICS 4.0.4) to it. Can anybody provide instructions, as well as download links to any files that i need to download. Thanks. Oh and i don't have a recovery image or nandriod backup. As...
  7. F

    HTC One weirdest problem EVER.

    Okay, so I'm pretty sure I can't find this anywhere. I have HTC One M7 International Model (Asia : CID HTC__001). I've root it and S-off it and flash recovery than I installed Sense 6 InsertCoin ROM. Almost every month (once per month I think), my HTC One is suddenly stuck and goes back to HTC...
  8. Thiva

    Samsung galaxy s4(i9505) problems...need help..

    My s4 became very slow after flashing omega 4.3 rom... system won't work as usual...then I download few custom roms and installed but it didn't and speaker also not working...even i flash the stock rom. but i still getting the same result....plz help me guys......
  9. C

    Problem with Internal storage in KitKat

    Hello everyone, I have a bit of a situation here. The problem is, I can't access the internal storage of my phone (but I can install apps). My phone is a rooted Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003 and runs the CM11 ROM-Build 20140507 (latest) (can be found here...
  10. K

    Which ROM do I install in my Samsung Galaxy S2?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy SII I-9100 running Samsung's TouchWhiz on its official 4.1.2 JB. This ROM is quite laggy and drains out my battery pretty quick(6 hours approx.). Hence I have decided to flash my phone with a custom ROM. Please help me in choosing a ROM. I want a ROM that is : 1...
  11. Gaming God

    Mobile Rom ==> Tablet Rom

    Hi guys, I've recently bought a tablet and it is very slow even though it has 1GB ram. I am looking for a custom rom for this device (Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 SM T211), which consumes less amount of ram. I don't need a rom with Touchwiz because if consumes a lot of ram. If any body know a rom (other...
  12. G

    Need help for restoring ROM.

    Hello all, I have a Chinese DFP7005 Tablet which I bought to test my applications (needed a cheap hardware to test my applications). Recently, I tried to root the tablet but it ended up being faulty. Now every time it switched off, it resets and also the internal memory seems to be...
  13. V

    Factory reset an rooted Phone with custom rom or not?

    Hey, I want to know if I can factory reset my phone when it's rooted and running a custom rom. Will it harm my Phone or are there other options I can wipe of the data and get a New start? I tested some roms out lately and now the Phone is full of back ups and roms. Any input? Running carbon...
  14. A

    stuck on logo screen

    i flashed a rom using flashify but then on recovery mod was not working and i was running on the same old without any problem but yesterday when i flashed bravia engine 3 and rebooted its not switching on just stuck on logo screen please help i beg u please!!!
  15. A

    Factory reset Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

    I have a galaxy tab and it has the OMNI ROM on it. I need to set it back to factory settings but dont know how to. Any help will be much appreciated.
  16. G

    Installing CyanogenMod on Galaxy s2 Plus?

    Hi there! So i want to install CyanogenMod on my Galaxy S2 Plus (GT-I905P), but i know next to nothing about how to do this. CyanogenMod does have an automatic installer, but the Plus-version of the S2 is not officially supported. There is a custom version of CyanogenMod however, but you have...
  17. C

    Download Stock Rom for S3 i9300 International version

    Where should I go to download Stock Rom for S3 i9300 International version ?? (I've installed Custom OmniRom)
  18. B

    How can I unroot/install a stock rom on my Galaxy S4?

    I'm not 100% this is the right place for this question and i've only really used this forum for computer based questions before and I always got well informed answers so here I am. But I have a Sprint Galaxy S4 L720 on Android 4.3 that I rooted and installed a custom rom on too it without...
  19. S

    battery not charging

    after installing Revolution Rom on m samsung galaxy s2.....battery is not charging....its getting hot.. tried other charges...still not working....please help!!
  20. MrTuRtLe03

    Flashing custom ROM on phone

    Hello everyone! I want to flash a custom ROM on my phone, a Galaxy S 3 i9300 (I have done this dozens of times before, but never with a cell phone. Usually just tablets and such). Would this affect my carrier or anything. My carrier is US Cellular, and the phone is in working condition with a...
  21. K

    Galaxy S4 Custom ROM's Issues (no sound, black screen on call)

    Hello Folks, Forgive me if i have posted the thread in the wrong section or of any other reason. I have an issue since i start installing custom ROMS. So, straight to the point. What have I done so far? is not my first time installing a ROM. I have installed stock ROM's in the past...
  22. M

    retrieve deleted voicemail

    Can I retrieve voice mail that was automatically deleted?? From android zte with Cricket carrier
  23. I

    i tried to flash a rom through cwm...when i rebooted it..the phone is not switching on pls help

    i flashed a rom through cwm...a custom rom..the installation had finished so when i tried to reboot the device..the screen went black...having enough charge...pls help i dont know what is the problem...pls help
  24. J

    how to solve pxe-mof: exiting pxe rom

    hello! i can't boot windows 7 32 bit !! how can i do it .. plz help me !! i'm waiting u ,, thank u !!
  25. S

    Galaxy i9505 flash damage control! In dire need of help!

    Hello forum, I may have bricked my new galaxy s4 i9505, tried to istall a custom ROM and ended up flashing both the bootloader and pda with the ROM, need help to find stock bootloader and pda. I'm using odin! Please help!
  26. AngSanley

    How to install back stock ROM on Galaxy Gio

    Files required: - Kies - ODIN MultiDownloader - Stock ROM file Steps: 1. Turn off your gio 2. Bring download mode by pressing vol. down and home and power button 3. Connect gio to PC via USB cable 4. Make sure kies installed, and open ODIN 5. Click ops and search for gio.ops 6. Check one...
  27. AngSanley

    How to install custom ROM on Galaxy Gio

    How to install Custom recovery? First, install CWM recovery 1. Download this file 2. Put this in root of ur sdcard 3. Go to recovery by Powering Off your phone then press Home+Power button until you see the recovery 4. Go to "update from sdcard" then...
  28. D

    Can a backup be used twice?

    Rooted my wildfire s and created a backup recovery using clockworkmod. I used that recovery to revert back to stock rom from custom rom and im thinkng , whether I can use that backup again if my phone gets soft bricked or do i have to make a new one? P.S Yes , a noob question.
  29. pumayk26

    Can i replace the ROM devices....

    can i replace the ROM device in IPPO K7Pro tablet PC.....?
  30. resurrection64

    How do i revert to Stock Rom after Flashing Custom Rom?

    Hi! How would i return to Stock Rom after Flashing A Custom Rom (Cyanogen Mod 10.1)? Would i just restore my backup before flashing the rom or do i Wipe my Phone? (Cache and etc etc)? Thank you! Much Appreciated.
  31. aladinsane2005

    4G to 3G on Galaxy S3 SGH-T999

    After installing Paranoid Android 3.15-L13N ROM (4.2.2 Jellybean) on Galaxy S3 SGH-T999 it shows 3G instead of 4G. Used Speedtest and got top speed of 23 mps. On T-Mobile Rom I got 25 mps. Not a big deal but was suprized to see 3rd generation when I know 4g is better. Anyone know why this...
  32. N

    problem in galaxy y

    i installed a rom nd rebooted my phone it ws nt turning on so i removed battery nd now it is nt going in recover mode nd nt switching on also. please help me out
  33. E

    Favorite US GS3 ROMs

    I'm just wondering what peoples favorite roms are for the us galaxy s3. I'm currently running Wicked Sensations for the sprint s3, but I'm looking for a new rom to test.
  34. K

    BD rom drive will not play a portrait CD

    Hello, My HP BD rom drive will not recognize a portrait CD. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  35. mitchell_kear

    Custom Rom Help?

    So i have some across this Firefox OS. It looks nice and I was wondering if anyone knew how to install it onto and android phone? (not the simulator to run it within Firefox) I have the Motorola defy if it helps.
  36. T

    Custom Rom ViperX question

    Hi guys! Just wanted to ask if installing a custom rom like ViperX would delete your contacts, settings, and messages. Will it? Im on a One X
  37. wonder44

    Mobile network problem

    Hi. I had purchased a samsung galaxy y s5360 with android 2.3 installed by default. I came across the idea of overclocking the phone but had to root it and put a different rom on it. So i did without any problems. But it was very slow after that. So i decided to install another rom, which went...
  38. E

    List four Applications in ROM

    list four applications for rom
  39. M

    Pxe-mof:exiting pxe rom problem

    am currently experincing a problem with a toshiba laptop this screen displays such mesges :PXE-E61: MEDIA TEST FAILURE CHECK CABLE
  40. kemperkipie

    HTC Sensation Custom ROM - Factory Defaults

    Hi, I have a HTC Sensation. And someone installed a Custom ROM for my phone. Now i have some problems with it. Sudden reboots etc. I would like to set it to factory defaults.. But if i do it, when it's rooted and with custom rom. Will it reset to seriously FACTORY defaults, or Custom ROM's...
  41. M

    Solved! Hardware

    I would like to know about the relation between Firmware-BIOS-CMOS-ROM and their functions. I think the Firmware is a software embeded on hardware, ROM is a newer version of CMOS and BIOS.... Am I missing something here?
  42. M

    Error 1303

    hi guys.... i have a problem in installing Nero 10 burning Rom.when it installs Nero control center it displays a message error 1303. any help.i am using windows 7 ultimate N.
  43. lookerup

    Need rom

    where can i find a rom to get my device to recognize my phone as a inspire not a desire hd becuz i rooted my phone
  44. B

    Optiarc driver for Windows 7

    can't find driver down load for optiarc BD Rom BC5500-s on acer 8940G---Blue
  45. J

    New aacs key for powerdvd 8 bd

    I need a basic BD-Rom reader software for Win 7 64 bit?any help would be greatly appreciated.
  46. JMcEntegart

    Motorola Blocks Unofficial Froyo ROM for DROID X

    If you've got a DROID X and were hoping to upgrade to Froyo before the over the air update hit, you've got another think coming. Motorola Blocks Unofficial Froyo ROM for DROID X : Read more
  47. G

    Qosmio X500-Q895S

    i want to buy a laptop with a blueray rom and a 1080*1920 screen resolution in india. kindly advice the latest options
  48. v-2samrc

    HTC HERALD P4350 ROM / Update

    Hello! Please help in updating my HTC HERALD P4350 from Windows 6 to 6.1. :(
  49. P

    Windows mobile 2003 German ROM axim x5

    Hello doe anyone have a link to this Rom?
  50. allegedly

    Toshiba laptop rom drive replacement

    I own a Toshiba Portege M300 laptop. I need to replace the rom drive. It is a 9.5mm IDE super slim type. Unfortunately the drive requires special 'toshiba' firmware to work, as it needs to be set as a master or a slave (I'm not certain which from what I have read) instead of the common 'cable...
  51. G

    HTC Posts Big EV-DO Rev A Upgrade For Touch Smartphone

    Chicago (IL) - A reader pointed us to a yet unannounced ROM update for the HTC Touch, which is apparently scheduled to be officially released next Monday. HTC Posts Big EV-DO Rev A Upgrade For Touch Smartphone : Read more
  52. T


    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) is it possible to get combo rom/prom cards in CF /SD format i would dearly love to have full versions of excel/word/ + lots of other real programs to rum on my toshiba e800 w2003se pda if i can get them on prom/rom then i ca extend...
  53. G

    Confusion over hard reset

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I have never done a hard reset on my iPaq 3975, but I ordered a 4155 the other day and after I transfer all my files to the new device, I have considered doing a hard reset, but I'm not sure if I completely understand what all that...
  54. M


    Archived from groups: comp.sys.handhelds (More info?) For zaurus SL5500 Does someone know where i can find the SHARP QTOPIA flash ROM ? I don't want the one tha works via windows... it doesn't work ! Thanks ! -- maz
  55. G

    larger ROM or larger SD ?

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hi, i've been thinking about the dell axim 30 with the 624mhz cpu, but now the axim 50 has arrived and i can buy it with a slower cpu at the same price. one thing it has is 256mb ROM instead of 64 of the x30, but then i should be...
  56. G

    Eventide H3000 ROM upgrade - Backlight dies

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Got an old (OS V1.51) H3000 that I wanted to try some later (V2.60) ROMs in. Trouble is that with the new ROMs installed, the yellow backlight flicks on briefly, then goes out. Revert to old ROMs and everything reverts to normal. Any ideas ...
  57. G

    how to find the rom folders?

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) i've asus mypal i want to see the rom folders; how i can ?
  58. G

    Applications in ROM

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops,comp.sys.tandy,comp.os.msdos (More info?) Many early laptops, such as the Tandy 200, NEC-8500, and Sord IS-11C have all of their applications in ROM. So do some older i8088 laptops, like the Tandy 600, HP-110+, etc, and some Tandy p.c.'s have the DeskMate...
  59. G

    Is it possible to change language on Medion PPC?

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Friend bought MEDION MD41800 PocktePC 2003 from Spain and language is Spain at PPC. Is it possible to change language to english? Flashing ROM with engllish language? -- MadAri
  60. G

    Can a card Revision number change?

    Archived from groups: alt.dbs.echostar,, (More info?) I sold a Dish Network DP301 receiver on eBay. The system information screen shows the Receiver CA ID, the Card ID, and the card ROM/Rev number (A21). The person who bought it informed me the Rev...