Acer Laptop : PXE-M0F: Exisiting PXE Rom No bootable device -


Apr 30, 2017
Hi I have a Acer Laptop and it is telling me PXE-M0F: Exisiting PXE Rom No bootable device - Insert boot disk and press any key - I dont have a disk or a USB stick to reboot etc and I cant get past this page, please help me I dont know what I need to do or how to fix it


Jun 22, 2014
Could be a fault with the hard drive.

firstly confirm there's no discs in DVD drive and usb devices contected.

Then try going in to the bios by tapping F2 when you turn it on.
See on the first or second page if it says if the HDD (hard drive) model name. If it's say no device or along though lines then you have a faulty hard drive which you can pick up fairly cheep.

If is says the hard drive model chances are it's not the first boot device
press F9 to reset defaults then press F10 to save and exit.

If it's the same the hard drive could still be faulty but could be worth seeing if you have any recovery media or Windows Installation discs for it so you can get it working for now.

Let me know your out come please


Phillip Corcoran

"Hi I have a Acer Laptop and it is telling me PXE-M0F: Exisiting PXE Rom No bootable device"

It's trying to boot from your laptop's networking adapter (boot over LAN) because it can't find any other bootable device. Obviously you don't have it setup for network boot so that fails too, as we would expect it to.

It may mean that the laptop's hard drive has failed, for confirmation you need to test it before looking elsewhere:

Try testing the hard drive with SeaTools for DOS which loads from a bootable CD which you make from the downloadable CD image. The direct download link is on this page, as is the guide to using the software:

It doesn't matter which model PC or laptop you use to create the SeaTools bootable CD, it will work on your laptop no problem.

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