Some Laptop Keys not working after Updating to Windows 10


Sep 6, 2016
After upgrading to Windows 10 some keys to my Toshiba Laptop stopped working. The keys are the lighting and were working perfectly before the update. The laptop is Toshiba Satellite C55D-A.



Those are probably mapped by software then, did you install the drivers from Toshiba? There should be something like a hotkey utility.


Sep 6, 2016
It was the Toshiba software that I needed to change the settings, the function keys for Toshiba were turn off. I guess they were turn off after the windows 10 install, thanks for the help.


Nov 12, 2016
Hey! if it is functional key like F1, then it doesn't work in windows 10 anymore. You can't get help in windows 10 with F1 key. MS has replaced it's functionality with Cortana. It's the search box you'll find in the start menu.
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