Question Somehow people can hear what's going on on my computer, but not clearly, even when I mute my microphone from the headset I have. Steelseries 3 headset

Apr 21, 2019
I recently bought a steelseries 3 headset. For some reason, everyone can hear what's going on on my laptop from discord and it activates my microphone. When I mute it from the actual headset button, they can't hear, like my talking, but they still can hear what's going on on my laptop, but can't hear what's going on in the real world. Only sometimes though can they hear it from my laptop, but it's clear enough to hear.

The audio jacks (microphone and headset sound) are connected to a USB jack from logitech that changes the audio jacks to USB so I can put it into the USB port.

Any idea to get rid of the laptop's feedback?


Apr 22, 2018
Hello, KingofLodis!

i think this is more about Discord problem rather than your headset problem. Have you tried turn down your output volume and change your input mode to "Push to Talk"?
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