Question Sonos rooms

May 15, 2020
I am trying to get help with my Sonos stuff. I have a Sonos Sound bar (Beam) that is connected to my TV. The Beam is connected to 2 different Sonos speakers in different rooms in a "group". I am trying to have it work so that when the TV comes on, since the sound bar comes on, have the speakers in the other rooms automatically connect. Right now I have to open the app each time and click on the box to connect. Can this be done automatically?
Did you try just leaving them on? If the TV is off there should not be sound coming out of them.
I suspect you will have to manually turn them on. If they were set as surround speakers in the same zone as the Beam they probably would come one with the TV. Only way to be sure is to contact Sonos tech support. They are usually pretty good.