Review Sony WF-1000XM5 review: The AirPods Pro 2 just got beat for best earbuds


Apr 16, 2021
Have you compared them to AirPods Pro 2 running the latest firmware updates? I've owned the Pro 2s since the release date, and they were certainly excellent then, but I have NEVER heard any audio product improved so much via firmware updates as the latest ones for the Pro 2s. The sound quality and ANC are now at levels so good, it's seems impossible from earbuds. I don't know how Apple did it. How good are they now? For a recent plane trip that was over 9 hours non-stop each way, I left my Airpods Max home and just took my Pro 2s... and I never missed the Max headphones at all. In fact, I see no reason to travel with them any longer. And Apple isn't done updating the AirPods Pro 2 yet... there are all new features being added via firmware updates this fall.