Sound bar specs

Jan 12, 2019
I do not understand the difference in two Same Brand sound bars, that differ in the number of drivers? and Have the same Watt out-put ... is there One Better over the other Here?? I am posting Both here ... Can someone breakdown their specs for me and explain why One would be Better Than the other ...Please ...Wohome S9920 Sound Bar Vs Wohome Model S11 Sound Bar

One has 6 drivers and one has 4 drivers plus What is the Subwoofer Difference...
Jan 12, 2019

Hi, Thank You for your reply.
Looks cheap? I do not know what that means... they all "Look" the same from the outside?
Does having More Drivers and speakers decide which is better?
What does the imput number mean? If you only use One of the Many? How do you use all of them together?... So Having More is a Plus?
More inputs means you can hook up more things to it, flexible.

Everything else being equal I'd prefer more drivers for potentially more active area assuming the drivers are the same size on both. More area=can push more air with less effort.
Jan 12, 2019
Hook up More Things?? to it? What are things?
All we want is to have Sound from TV go to the Sound Bar?
and MAYBE use the sound bar with Bluetooth from laptop.

Either you use the RED/WHITE RCA or the DIGITAL OPTIC or the 3.5(which our tv does not have ... Vizio E43-F1) ... So More Things is unclear to me? One or the other but NOT all Three..... Correct?
Just How Many "Things" might some one have going into a sound bar?


Jun 21, 2016

You said here, that all you want is a TV hooked up to it and then say now you want a PC hooked up to it. So that's 2 things there. Most things have blutooth so unless you want wires everywhere, don't buy this one. If you only want it for the TV and then add the PC, then buy the other one. Which makes no sense.
Your TV has RCA out so that's not a problem.

Not sure what you want, I am a bit confused, and yes it looks cheap.
Looks cheap, is cheap, made of cheap components. But it could sound OK, which none of us know because photos don't show the sound quality. It goes down to 40hz, but I doubt that, because speakers that small can't get that low.
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