Question sound blaster connect AE-5 make it sound like Onboard card

Jun 30, 2020
this might be a silly question is there anyway i can set up sound blaster connect AE-5 and make it sound like my Onboard sound card??? "Onboard sound Broke"<-------

only reason i like the onboard sound

Voice chat seems to be Very quite and sometimes games are quite too...... but i do like this card music sounds GREAT! i just dont like it for gaming
Jun 30, 2020
How did you connect the sound to your speakers or headphones?

Try equalizer settings to adjust the sound
did you install the soundblaster driver and commander yet?
i installed sound blaster connect 2 is sound blaster commander better???

im using Speakers 5.1 and connected to the back 5.1 jacks

another issue is i have to put my windows Volume to 80% and its not that Loud......

i always keep my Speaker volume control to 100% but now i cant it will BUZZ and crack like crazy so i put it to 75%
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