Sound Stutter on Laptop


Mar 3, 2013
I bought a Samsung chronos 770z5e laptop some months ago and since I got it I have had some strange issues with the sound.
It can happen anytime, like while browsing and listening to music but it happens more frequently when I watch a video and play games.
In the beginning these issues were very rare, maybe once a day and the stutter lasted 1-2 seconds but now these are alot more frequent, like once a hour and now they last for 5-6 seconds.
I think they are related to my soundcard because the graphical performance and image is not affected and does not stutter, and I have searched for someone with the same issue but no luck. I have also tried to install new drivers but i don't know if I have got it right.

Any tips to what can be wrong?
All help is appreciated :)