Speaker reconing field center pole


Mar 26, 2010
I have been re-coning my Eminence Omega pro 18" woofers but have run into an issue on one of them. It seems the center pole of the magnetic field has moved extremely to one side and can be manipulated with a twist of a screwdriver but cannot get it centered enough to allow the new coil and shim access evenly. Does anyone have an answer to re-centering these field poles and also are they just held magnetically and not permanently attached? It doesn't seem right since a hard drop or jar could throw off the center pole and pinch the speaker coil which looks to be what occurred on this woofer. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated. Rob "DRIVER" www.driverband.net



It's welded, or screwed, and if it's off center and moves it's junk, you can't recone it. The center pole must be rock solid attached and un-movable, or it will destroy the voice coil.
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