Speaker System Z906 ne fonctionne pas(does not work)

Jan 2, 2019
Système d'exploitation / plate-forme du dispositif: W10

Bonjour, je viens d'installer les speker a906 quand je fais le test du produit par le double input tout fonctionne j'ai du son qui sort de chacun des satellites mais quand je fais le test depuis mon ordinateur je n'ai AUCUN son venant du frontal et du sub. Je suis branché en 6 canaux les cables sont les dans les bonnes couleurs et dans le bon imput. Je suis en mode stéréo 3D le led DECODE est éteint je ne sais pas quoi faire j'ai testé de débrancher tout rebrancher mais rien ne change

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Operating system / platform of the device: W10

Hello, I just installed the speker a906 when I test the product by the double input everything works I have sound coming out of each of the satellites but when I do the test from my computer I have NO sound from the front and the sub. I am connected in 6 channels the cables are in the right colors and in the good imput. I am in 3D stereo mode DECODE led is off I do not know what to do I tried to disconnect everything reconnect but nothing changes

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Can you please pass on the full specs to your system? Are you on the latest BIOS update for your motherboard? Are you on the latest audio drivers? By cables, do you mean the 3.5mm analog cables or the optical cable?
Jan 2, 2019
Hi, yes i have the last bios update and audio dri
i have for my Asus strix Z-370F / 1070 Ti / 16g ddr4 3200 mhz
I hade before installing the z906 the 5.1 speakers Z506 which was working fine

I mean the 3.5 mm analog / i've tried with the optical cable but it was whitout success.
All of these problems usually boiled down, using the wrong codec (mode) to play whatever source.

If u have gone through the initial setup and it output a tone for each speaker and proved to you the basic functionality passed.

If u are playing a surround source, it should detect that automatically and use the correct codec.

The problem usually arises when you are playing a stereo source and the system get confused/not configured for, system ASKS WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS? and lo and behold they often pick a "fake" surround codec, Prologic whatever that makes things sound weird. You should be able, I hope, manually pick what mode to play your stereo sources with and able to find one you like.
Jan 2, 2019
" If u have gone through the initial setup and it output a tone for each speaker and proved to you the basic functionality passed. "
in fact when i try with the windows test i don't have sound for the center and the sub. but i got one with the logitech test
I triple check my cable, I've update all my drivers and i set up de mode on sounds system

Now this is completely new to me. Once you load third party drivers (Logitech) that should override Windows completely and from now on you deal with, everything channeled through Logitech's.

OK, just to be sure, AFTER you install the Logitech drivers, you should not Windows update audio drivers any more. In other words, don't make the mistake of overriding the Logitech drivers. Toward that, I suggest turn off Windows auto update.

If this doesn't help I suggest go to a Logitech-specific forum, am sure you are not the only one having this issue.
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