Speaker with aux in and tv with no audio out


Nov 10, 2016
Hey guys i have a dynex tv with no audio output and i wanted to hook it up to my speaker with an aux in. The tv only has a service port, and components in, and hdmi port. How can i watch tv and get audio out of my speaker. Or watch a movie through hdmi and get audio through speaker?

Your best bet if your TV only has an HDMI input, and no optical/aux output is to use this:
HDMI Extractor

You connect your HDMI from your Directview/DVD/etc. video source directly into this extractor, in the HDMI IN port. Then, you connect another HDMI cable from the Extractor to the TV, from the HDMI OUT.

You can then connect the AUX of your speaker directly to the RCA (white/red) of the extractor. If your speaker has a 3.5mm input, use a 3.5mm to RCA adapter cable.