Solved! Speakers for my Acer Monitor

Nov 30, 2021
hoping you can help me with the following. I have an Acer KA241 monitor with a HDMI 1.4 port as well as VGA and DVI. I want to utilise the monitor as a 'TV' using a Chromecast device (into the HDMI port) to stream shows.
However, the monitor has no inbuilt speakers. I need to buy a soundbar or some speakers.
I figure I'm going to have to purchase a HDMI switch to give me multiple HDMI ports (?) then connect a speaker via HDMI. But I'm a little confused as to what leads and what speakers will work. Can you help?


Take a look at the monitor, if it has an HDMI input it may have an audio jack for audio pass-through you can use.
If it does not, you will need to get an HDMI audio extractor. But if you will be connecting multiple devices to it, better to just get a small TV and use that with the computer and the other devices instead that has the inputs and speakers you need.
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