Solved! Speakers - Sizzling noise

Jul 15, 2020
I just bought last month brand new audioengine HD6, and I love them! I just discovered few days ago a very undesirable sound, very noticeable and annoying while listening at middle to high volume. At first I tought it was only the active speaker but then realised that it was also happening but to less extend on the passive one.
It is not really a hiss or a hum, it's more like an annoying sizzling in the high end frequencies I would say. I even thought at some point it was maybe the magnetic grills vibrating as it really felt like a similar sound as if it was.
  • Laptop is plugged via USB into the Yamaha MG Mixer and the mixer output is XLR cable to RCA cable into the audioengine active speaker.
  • Speakers don't use the same power socket than the computer and are on stands, left and right from my desk.
  • It is very much apparent, when I put the volume at max on the mixer and reduce the volume at the min on the audioengine speaker.
  • I tried other channels of the mixer, the problem is on whatever channel i use.
  • I tried to connect the yamaha mixer to the speaker with another cable (stereo jack 1/4 to RCA), problem is still there.
  • Here is a sound bit I recorded with my phone, next to the active speaker (all panned on its side on the Mixer):
  • The problem doesn't occur when I bypass the yamaha mixer, for example when I play from my smartphone directly to the speakers via chromecast, the noise is not here.
Any idea?


So issue is from the mixer, could be the cable you are using, or the XLR output. Mixer should have a line out or headphone out jack, try those with the speakers. Good idea to contact Yamaha support to check what they may say to try.
Jul 15, 2020
Thanks for your reply.
I tried the other Stereo output, which is jack and then RCA into the Speakers, issue is the same.
I have contacted Yamaha, waiting for feedback.
Just saw online 2 forum posts about some 'distortion' sound that seem very similar, seems that updating the USB driver helped, which i don't understand as the issue is on all channels, not only the laptop input.
I have tried this but issue is still there...
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