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Feb 17, 2021
Taking a minute to "highlight" customer service from a surprising source:
Have been utilizing Spectrum Mobile since 2018, and have generally been quite pleased with their performance. However, over the past several days, suddenly texts from banks, etc disappeared.
This is a bit of a problem when using 2-step authentication to prevent fraudulent use. So I called to inquire what the problem might be.
Lo and behold, I'm being told now that use of SMS Short Codes (which all major services INCLUDING Spectrum routinely use) are being blocked - because their billing software isn't capable of handling them.
No advance notice to customers, just unilaterally blocked them all ... after 3 years of service?
When asked if they planned to address the billing deficiency, was told they're "working on it" but have no projected date for resolution. So you know when it will be resolved.
Thought I'd pass this along since their marketing is hammering to get new subscribers while their back end folks are eliminating what most would consider a basic service of their mobile provider.
Caveat Emptor
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Apr 27, 2021
spectrum is an MVNO of verizon. That answer doesn't seem right.

Being able to receive sms text on one device only is absurd. So don't. Find a voip provider with sms texting. ;)
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