Dec 23, 2014
Just received a call today from a debt collector saying I owed money to sprint. Apparently, when T-mobile payed my ETF's and transferred my number, there was a fee from sprint to move my number to Tmo. Is this true? Is anyone else receiving the same type of calls/notice? It seems odd that Tmo would pay out the contract and move my number but not mention that I had to pay for that transfer. I am going to call both wireless carriers but, I wanted to see if anyone had similar experiences. Also, how was it resolved?
If you never received any notice in writing, or a bill statement saying as much, then in all likelihood, it is a scam. Definitely check with both carriers, but these things are always done in writing because it would end in a lawsuit debacle otherwise. Any company worth its salt will issue written notices, send out bills and statements, and make sure there is a paper trail in case any of it comes up in a court of law.