ssd as storage?


Oct 16, 2014
I'm not sure if this is even the right place for this, I'm new to solid state drives. If I want to use an ssd as storage, how do I go about it? Would I have to install the drivers during the first installation of the os? And how can I tell if it is working properly? If hipm and dipm are on does this mean it is working? Basically I need a step by step guide.
It works no differently than a HDD. If it's connected to the system and has no OS installed, and you already have an OS installed on another drive that is designated as the boot drive, all you need to do is go into disk management or windows explorer and format the drive to erase it and then use it you would any other drive.
One, to prepare it for formatting. If there is no partition, you can't format.

Two, to separate a single drive into multiple allocations of space that the system will "see" as separate hard drives. As one example, if you have a 1TB drive and want to use 500GB for the operating system and 500GB as storage space, so that if something happens to the operating system, like a virus or driver corruption, and windows has to be reinstalled, it won't affect the data stored on the other partition.

This explains in more detail: